Red Stags in Cordoba

In the province of Cordoba, shooting doves is what it’s all about as far as significant tourism is concerned. the flat lands all around the city, but specially to the east and north, abound with small grain crops.

Dove Shooting

Dove Shooting

I have shot doves in Cordoba before, so this time I also booked a red stag hunt.

The lodge was stunningly beautiful and modern, and in a setting so remote that it truly defies description. Red deer are what predominate, but there are also many other species such as blackbuck antilope, water buffalo and others.

Two hours after the horseback jaunt, we dismounted; and now the real hunting was about to begin – on foot.

Argentina Red Stag Hunt

Argentina Red Stag Hunt

We were stalking a group of three distant bulls when we saw two bulls much closer. My rangefinder has already told me that the distance was 192 yards. He was quartering slightly to the right, so I took him in his left front shoulder. Then I heard “you got him” and it was time for high five-ing. When I finally reached the stag, I was in awe. The animal was huge, and his headgear was impressive. I was shaking my head still surprised that the province of Cordoba so well known for its doves, could offer this challenging and worthy big game.



It was an amazing experience…

Nick Sisley (extract from his report after visiting the lodge Rincon de Luna)


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