Hunting Dogs: Springer Spaniel

english_springer_spanielLet’s talk for a short minute about our hunting dogs. Let me introduce you to famous Thicket and Fraulien and the Springer Spaniel.

The hunting: The Springer’s will look for the birds and make it flash for us, so they are dogs that work close by to the hunters and that move in front of them from one direction to another one, till they make the bird fly away.


Springer Spaniel, is a medium-sized dog, the body strong. The drooping long ears, soft and delicate. When it be nice, its a short tail will continue to rotate. In addition, when it is in the best state, muscles of the body will be uniformly, symmetry, enthusiasm for people, but also has a long-eared dog vitality and utility.


Temperament: The typical Springer is friendly, eager to please, quick to learn and willing to obey. Such traits are conducive to tractability, which is essential for appropriate handler control in the field. In the show ring, he should exhibit poise and attentiveness and permit himself to be examined by the judge without resentment or cringing. Aggression toward people and aggression toward other dogs is not in keeping with sporting dog character and purpose and is not acceptable. Excessive timidity, with due allowance for puppies and novice exhibits, is to be equally penalized.


Color: Liver and white, black and white, predominately white with black or liver markings, blue or liver roan, tricolor (any of the aforementioned colors with the addition of tan points, usually found above eyes, on cheeks, inside of ears and under the tail.) Any portion of the white coat may be flecked with ticking.

Springer Spaniel is an excelent breed for hunting, and this is not only because of their hunting skills but also because of their firendly character.


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