Dove Skewer

Cordoba has the best dove hunting all over the world, since there is more than a million doves flying and alighting over the northern area of the province. There is no other place in the world where you can live this experience: a 5 stars dove hunting.

Argentina is known across the world for the quality of its wines and meats. Placed in the livestock heart of Argentina, POINTER WINGSHOOTING has access to the highest quality of meat in Cordoba. You can enjoy the best barbecues at lunch or dinner. Our meals are delicious; they have the perfect balance between simplicity and quality, mixed with a gourmet touch, such as our exquisite Dove Skewer. This is one of the most famous dishes among our guests. We enjoy this meal every day at lunch in the field barbecues.BROCHET 1

The skewer is one of the most expected dishes in the field because it is prepared with the doves hunted by our guests that morning. It is really amazing.

The flavor obtained through the mixture of dove breast with onion and fresh peppers of the area is delicious. Even more delicious could it be if we accompany it with a good malbec Argentinian wine


The spicy option could be with Chile Chipotle or Chile Habanero, which are sliced and then wrapped to the dove breast. Then we put them in a wood skewer which helps to the display. These skewers are cooked over a grill and not over the fire/flames. The cooking time is important since it not only loses proteins but also taste.BROCHET 3

If you have already been in Cordoba you know what we are talking about, but if you are planning to come this season we will be waiting for you with this wonderful meal.

You should be the next one

Federico Silva

Pointer Wingshooting


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