Sunflower dove hunt

The last days in Feb are when normally dove migrates to the flat lands. They normally go from the hills and roosting area to momentary roosting areas in the crops field. This happens because of the weather and also for the crop harvest.

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Argentina is well known for the amazing shooting and fishing sport options. Cordoba has its own reputation as the world capital for dove shooting. The Northern area of the Province of Cordoba is a paradise for wing shooters coming from the United States or Europe. The Eared Dove population is upwards of 50 million birds.IMG_GR_testimonials1426493441

Birds normally leave the roosting area with the first light of the day. They fly 40 to 60 miles on average for food. The fields that make our shooting options, depending on the time of the year, are:

Hunting in the fields: means to hunt where crops will be or were already harvested, such as soybean, corn, or sorghum (especially from March to May) but this season everything will be delay because farmers had seed late last season because of a late rains in November and December. We are able to hunt in a sorghum field before the harvest, when the birds are eating the seeds. Soybean or corn happens after the harvest.

Hunting in Feedlots: Birds concentrate to feed on big feedlots, and are great shooting options for some months of the year (March to July). IMG_GR_testimonials1426493573

This time of the year is also good to hunt in the water holes, but especially in the dry summer time, water holes constitute great shooting option, too.

With Sam and his group we have been hunting in the sunflower season (February to March) in Los Chañares and despite some birds have already migrated to the flats, we have been able to enjoy great hunts.

This has been one of the worst years regarding rain issues, we have had in 2 months what normally should be all year round rain. That had cause problems on crops, land, roads and bridges. The logistics have been complicated for the floods in the Jesus Maria region and northern Cordoba during the last weeks, but the good news is that in the last days everything seems to come back to regular conditions, and we have been having nice hunts.

There is no many sunflower options in Cordoba and we all have been enjoying these last hunts. It is amazing to see how these birds get crazy feeding in a sunflower.

You should be the next one, contact us and get more info regarding the sunflower season. Enjoy one of the best wing shooting hunts ever.

Pablo Aguilo


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