Hub Porteño Hotel

3Hub Porteño designs unique experiences for each individual visitor, based on your tastes and expectations, to connect you to the city itself. The experts are available at any time to guide you on adventures of your choosing in Buenos Aires’ history, art, music, dance, literature, sports, food, fashion and more. The experience includes accommodations in Hub Porteño, which is situated in an unmatched location and provides the best services the boutique hotel industry has to offer.

Wellness Centre

23Located on the 4th floor of the hotel is Hub Porteño’s wellness centre, which includes a treatment room, dry sauna and gym, complete with work-out machines, weights and a power-plate. We offer a selection of treatments designed to relax or energise the body and mind, before and after exploring the city.


  • The terrace: A green oasis in the heart of Recoleta, where you can relax over signature cocktails from our bartender and explore innovative creations from Tarquino’s head-chef.
  • Living Room: The Living Room has been dreamt up as a meet point for guests, to share their experiences, explore the library and unwind over daily treats served fresh from the kitchen.
  • Fitness Centre: Defined by a sense of space and fully equipped for every requirement.
  • Treatment Room and Sauna


Enjoy the world’s high point of sport and recreation at a polo match, played by some of the world’s finest horsemen. They offer professional lessons and provide tickets to the most important matches.


Discover the birthplace of tango, the most sensual of the romantic dances, in the cobblestone streets of the San Telmo and Boca neighborhoods and beyond. Take private lessons or watch tango shows that only Argentines are supposed to know about.

Hub Porteño designs exclusive experiences for its guests with the aim of helping them to truly discover the city of Buenos Aires, its identity and culture. For the outstanding team 27that forms Hub Porteño, each guest is a challenge and a new opportunity to suggest and create this unique experience.

Discover the wonders of Buenos Aires. Dive into the rich history, art and more that still flourishes today, bringing together a plentiful mix of old and new, European and Latin American, elegance and flair. Experience for yourself why “The Pearl of the Atlantic” is among the most mystifying yet most beloved cities in all the world.

Know the most exclusive side of Buenos Aires thanks to Hub Porteño and Pointer Wingshooting.

Pablo Aguiló

Pointer Wingshooting.


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