Fun all over the Field

On December 18th, two families integrated by Frank Barron Fletcher III and his son, and Joseph Holmes Davis V and his son, arrived at the airport at 5:40 p.m. Then, we went to the Hotel Plaza Real and, due to the arrival time, the hunting was not done.


The hotel was hosted by Vicky on behalf of the company. She welcomed them and accompanied them to their rooms to make them feel at home. At 8:30 pm they had dinner and then sat around the firepit to share drinks and stories before retiring to rest.


On the first day of hunting the idea was to leave the lodge at 8:30 am, but because the night before was a little bit long, we ended up leaving at 9:45 am.

We headed northeast of route 60 (mountain range) where, thanks to a good climate,we had an excellent day. Due to the delay of the departure we decided to extend our morning hunt a little until 1 pm, at which time, our cook Federico, waited for us with a typical Argentine Asado with the best cuts of meat you could ever imagine.


Once we finished lunch, our new friends decided to take a little nap in the hammocks, in the shade of the trees, to relax and to prepare for the hunting of the afternoon. At 3 pm we resumed the hunt, placing us at the top of the mountain range, as JOSEPH (father) wanted to change the shot and hunt lower pigeons.

At 5:45 pm we returned to the hotel to finish the day of hunting. There, Lori waited for them to dine with them and make sure everything worked as it should be.


The day started at 8am. We decided to start the trip an hour earlier because the place chosen is more distant than the day before. Thus, we went to the eastern part of Jesus Maria, where the weather in the morning accompanied us again, but, for lunch, we had scattered showers that were not grounds to suspend the hunting of the day, but in the afternoon, due to a toothache, they decided to throw only an average of 5 box each and then return to the hotel. Once at the lodge, we were able to give a quick solution to Fletcher son’s toothache problem.


On the third day of hunting, I went to pick them up at 8:30 am and we decided to go to the northwestern zone of the road 60 because of the bad weather that started the night before and lasted until 10 am. Don’t get me wrong, that type of wheather made the temperature go lower so the morning hunting was amazing– remember that here we are in spring almost summer so it gets really hot and, sometimes, a cold morning helps a lot-. 

Lunchtime was at 12.30 pm. We prepared the tent and started a little fire so that our new friends get warmer while they enjoyed the one and only Malbec wine.


Lunch at the field is amazing.  For lunch we usually have traditional Argentinean barbeque known as “asado”. A light salad composed of avocado, onion, tomato, and lettuce is our first course. It is doused with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, giving it a sweet tang. Juicy sausage is served next. Then, the pork flank. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and lime juice; the perfect consistency of fat and muscle. It is akin to eating a large succulent piece of bacon. The main entrée is tenderloin. Slow cooked to perfection with a moist pink center and a charred exterior. The two textures playing off each other exceptionally. Lastly, chicken thigh and breast seasoned with lime juice, salt, and pepper. For dessert; peach flan. It islight and airy providing a sweet but not overly filling end to our meal.


After lunch the gentlemen had coffee and took a quick nap in the hammocks before they headed to their afternoon hunting locations.

The afternoon hunt was great. it exceeded everyone’s expectations. Holmes son got to complete for his first time more than 1000 doves in just one day! He said it was the best way to finish this incredible trip.


On the last day, and because of the itinerary of the flights, we could not go to the fields, but they woke up, had a huge breakfast to reload their energy and we left at 9 am straight to the airport.


Four people with a great sense of humor and very kind that we hope we see again soon.

Federico Silva

Hunting Guide

Pointer Outfitters


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