Generation after Generation

We have reached the last month of the year but our season is not over yet. I arrived at the airport around 1:10 pm on a sunny day with a temperature of 29 degrees, waiting for our friend Mark and his son John.


Once we were with our guests inside the van, we left the airport ready to undertake trip to the shooting zone that is towards the north of the province of Cordoba, well-known as the “tuna zone”, located an hour away from the airport, where the rest of Pointer’s team is waiting for us, ready to have an amazing hunting day.


As usual Gaby (number one) is waiting for us with a tasty Argentine lunch, well known as Asado, that includes tenderloin, matambre (a thin cut from Argentina and Uruguay) with lemon, boneless chicken and chimichurri!

After lunch, we like preparing the hammocks for our friend to relax and take a quick nap before the afternoon hunt.

We are ready to go to the shooting zone. It’s already 3:30 pm and we see a large volume of doves reaching the nesting area.


Our friend Mark visited us for the second time fortunately, and this year he wanted to pass along the experience of dove hunting in Cordoba to his son John.

We double checked that all the shotguns are in great conditions and, once everything was OK and our field assistants were located in the hunting spots, the day started.


In terms of shotguns, our customers were pleased to use our new Benelli Montefeltro 20 cal shotguns. They are our workhorses and the only weapons that carry on like no other the pressure of Cordoba’s high volume hunting. They were really surprised by its comfort when shooting over 2000 thousand rounds a day. They have been shooting 20 gauge ammunition 7, which is one of the best ammunition for the sport of shooting doves. We also use regular ammunition ½ or 7 and 8 and loads of gunpowder in our cartridges are of 25 grams.

Benelli’s Montefeltro shotgun features a slim, graceful forend, which, combined with an anodized, lightweight receiver, keeps the weight minimal and the swing quick.

It has an Inertia-Driven System, which means that the shotgun is clean, reliable, and adjustment-free.We have them available in 12- and 20-gauge, we do not have any with left hand configurations. We like a lot the low-profile rib.


At this time of the year, summer is starting in Argentina, so we have a temperature from 20 to 30 degrees celsius and of course, rainy days, so it is important to have very strategic fields for these months, but that never stops us from providing our clients of a good time!


Once I heard the first shots I decided to go to the sports and see how everything was going up there.

I arrived and I saw that everything was going great. Mark was asking the field assistants for some advice for him and his son, so I told him that it’s very important when you shoot to have a feet relaxed so you are able to move with total freedom to follow the doves, and it’s also very important to have your arms in the right position (lined up) because that will give you a great precision while firing the shotgun .


After three days of pure shots, the faces of Mark and John showed us nothing but satisfaction of being together in Cordoba.

Their numbers were unbelievable; both of them got really great rates, some days it was more than a 1000 doves ! So we congratulate them by making them part of the 1000 Doves Club!

So, great clients with a great crew, leads to a great trip. They were very pleased with our amazing lodge, La Loma, and with their host those days, Juan, who takes great care of every single client we have, making them feel as comfortable as possible.


As they said, it was a wonderful trip!

I hope to see you guys next time,

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters


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