Kicking Off the New Year

January is a summer month and vacation in Argentina. The weather is very nice, warm in the mornings getting hotter towards the afternoons. Our friends Tim, Daniel, Dean and Bernard are our first guests to arrive in 2017 and we’re very happy to start a new season.


Tim and Ben are close friends, they go hunting almost every weekend and they have so many anecdotes to tell that they got us laughing to tears many times! They had been in Argentina before, but it was Daniel and Dean’s first time dove hunting here. Daniel and Dean are UFC fighters, and Dean is a champion himself.


The Plaza Real lodge has wonderful shooting areas around the tuna roost, just 30 minutes away from the lodge.

Our lodge is located 80 km away from the capital city of Córdoba. Pointer has Toyota vehicles and Mercedes Benz vans to take our guests to destination. We also have more than a hundred Benelli and Beretta guns. We have also just received new cal. 20 Benelli Montefeltro and cal. 28 over and under shotguns.


The weather is being nice to us in the beginning of this new season, we have great numbers of birds coming to our fields. The amount is not so impressive during the mornings but in the afternoons we get to see millions of doves arriving to their roosts.


Campo Correa is our most important shooting area, where our guests can shoot more than a thousand doves in a day. Our bird boys are behind all the details so that our guests can enjoy the best shooting areas in the most comfortable settings. Our bird boys, as we usually do, have individual coolers with ice cold drinks and ice for our guests to have the most enjoyable experience.


Federico, who we call Fefe, is our master chef. He will let you savor excellent dishes, such as dove with mustard sauce and our traditional asado (Argentinian BBQ) with meat cuts you’ve never tasted before. Federico will make sure you enjoy these pleasures with a glass of Malbec wine. After such a tasty meal, a siesta is a must to be ready for a long shooting afternoon, in comfortable hammocks under the shade of talas and algarrobos, typical trees from Córdoba. Our guests enjoy the breeze and the sound of nature.


At about 15.30 we’re ready to start again and we see many groups of doves coming to their drinking and sleeping areas. We check the shooting spots. We make sure the guests are pleased with the place. Everything is ready for them.


By the end of the day, the numbers are unbelievable and all the group is impressed by the amount of birds shot. More than five thousand in a day. After such an amazing day, the group is ready to go back to the lodge and relax with a warm bath and a deep massage. We have the best massage therapists and they use different techniques to leave our guests ready for the next hunting day.


Daniel and Dean are also chefs, so they asked for a pork cooked in the flames of the fire pit. It was amazing! They were delighted by the experience. Our homemade dessert is another highlight of the night. They are made by our pastry chef, Mary.


In the lodge, the firepit is ready to enjoy some drinks under a sky full of stars. By the end of the trip, our guests are delighted by the experience. They say: This is the best trip ever! The best people ever! The best food ever! Everything was outstanding!

We enjoy having our guests as much as they enjoy the experience. We hope to see you around soon!

Martin Andrada
Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters



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