It Is All About Doves and Having Fun

In the third week of January we had the pleasure to welcome a great group of people. Colt Power, Van Power and Billy Smith visited us from Texas. They arrived at Cordoba airport at 11.45 am and they had chosen to stay at the Plaza Real Lodge.


Plaza Real Lodge is one of the best options for dove hunting in Argentina because it is just 80km away from the airport, and located between the airport and the best dove roost of the area.


Because we want our guests to have the best hunting experience of their lives and have a memorable trip, we plan everything according to the individual characteristics of the group. That’s why after we picked them up from the airport we drove them straight to the field, there was no time to waste. We wanted to start the hunting fun as soon as possible!  The hunting area for the day was towards the west of our province, a place called Los Pozos, located between the hills and the dove roost. There, a delicious lunch at the field had been prepared by our chef. The menu was the most typical Argentinian meal you can ask for: the world’s famous Argentinian asado (BBQ) cooked at the field and Malbec wine. Our lunches at the field are next level. After the first day, all of our guests are anxiously waiting for the next lunch. The skewer is one of the most expected dishes in the field because it is prepared with the doves hunted by our guests that morning. It is really amazing. You should see it for yourself! After enjoying the meal, the group was ready to start hunting. Although a bit shorter than usual, the hunt was fantastic!


For the next day, the beginning of the hunting activities was planned for 8.30 am. However, the weather conditions were not good in the morning so a change of plans was in order to make the most of the day. We waited 45 minutes at the lodge for the weather conditions to ease while our guests enjoyed a good chat with the guides and locals. After that, we decided to head to the hunting area and we planned an earlier lunch at the field to allow for a longer hunting session in the afternoon. Although the morning hunting was a bit shorter than usual, the improved weather conditions allowed Colt, Van and Billy to have an excellent hunting day. All of them showed their amazing hunting skills!


The third day started with a clear and bright blue sky, as it is usual in Cordoba during summer. At 8.30 a new hunting day started and by the time we stopped for lunch our friends were amazed by the volume of birds flying over the cornfields. Colt and Van had something in mind: the 1000 club. They wanted to win our 1000 doves t-shirt, so they are very excited to start the hunting afternoon.


We decided to take  our friends to a different area, the highest point of the hill, where the amount of doves flying was just unbelievable. Here was the best spot for Colt and Van to achieve their goal. Billy was not as focused on the 1000 club as he was on having fun, and the field did not disappoint him!


Although Cordoba is well known for the volume of doves both shot and flying over the fields, it is something that has to be seen to be believed. Colt, Van and Billy had a very specific request for the next hunting day, which was to go back to the exact same field of the day before. They were not as concerned with the 1000 club as the day before, but they were definitely ready to have fun!


It’s important to notice that even though the four days of hunting were in the same area, west of Los Pozos, on the way to the town of Dean Funes, the roosts visited were completely different.


We like providing our guests with the best experience, both at the field and at the lodge. That’s why after every hunting day we welcome them with drinks and delicious snacks by the firepit. And by snacks I mean another typical Argentinian meal, the famous picada. A picada is a plate of assorted delicious homemade cold meats, cheese and empanadas, usually served before lunch or dinner. My mouth just waters to think of this! Hunters can also enjoy a massage to relax the muscles for the next hunting day.


Unfortunately, an unexpected change in the flight departures made us cancel the last morning of hunting. Colt’s flight had been rescheduled for 9.20 am, which meant we had to leave the lodge at 6.30 am. His dad and Billy had to leave the lodge at 1 pm, so they could enjoy a morning of leisure and relaxation at La Loma Lodge before they left.


We were sad to see them go, our field assistants will always remember you! We can’t wait to have you back!

You should be the next one!

Federico Silva

Hunting Guide

Pointer Outfitters



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