Another Trip to Argentina and Counting

It’s not surprising to see our guests come back after their first hunting trip to Argentina, we love to see them again. But when we have guests coming back year after year we know that we have made good friends. Rell, Mark, Brad, Tim and David have been coming to hunt with us for more than three years.


These guys have been friends for more  than ten years, they have been friends since high school in fact and some are workmates too.

We are pleased to know they have chosen Pointer again and we’re excited to welcome them in this first week of February. Our staff and La Loma Lodge are going to witness a great friends’ reunion. This lodge is a beautiful traditional estancia built in 1908. It’s just a 60 minute drive from Cordoba airport, in the town of Totoral and it’s a great option for groups of friends.


Our dear friend Rell Tipton is the father of Parker. I hold him dear because I was his first field assistant in his first trip to Argentina.

Talking about guns, it’s Rell’s habit to bring his own guns cal 28, his favorite. The rest of the group prefer a bigger caliber, and they choose our Benelli Montefeltroguns. We have a wide variety of shotguns to choose from, such as Benelli and Beretta 391 and 400, over and under shotguns, and our brand new 410.


Our field manager lets us know that there is a great volume of birds in one of our fields, 50 min away from the lodge in an area called El Bajo. We know that spot will be awesome to challenge our hunters and see who makes it to the 1000 dove club(and more!) We get to this field at 8.30 am and we know why this field was chosen, we see millions of doves flying over a water stream. We know we have a great day ahead.


When everything is set we drop each hunter off in their spot. Gaby, our cook, has the fire ready in case someone feels like a cup of tea or coffee. The coolers are ready as well, filled with ice and drinks to enjoy together with the hunt. By 11 am we check our hunters at their spots. Mark has already shot 500 doves in two hours, well done my friend! The doves never stopped flying. We know it wont be hard for Mark to enter the 1000 club. Rell has also shot down a great number, he prefers a high-angle, long shot. David, Tim and Brad are amazed by the volume of birds flying over their heads.


At 12.50 we get the call: lunch is ready! This group already knows that the hunting experience in Argentina also includes delicious food, specially meat. They have specifically asked to have morcilla in every meal. Morcilla is a kind sausage made out of pork meat and blood. It can’t be missing in a good asado. We love it when our guests enjoy the Argentinian food. They drink Malbec Wine and Quilmes beer, our national beer.


Our field assistants take good care of our guns, cleaning them for the afternoon hunting session. By the time we finish lunch and siesta everything is set for a hunting that I predict will be even better than the one they’ve just had. Mark is the first one to make it to the 1000 dove club! He has secured his Pointer T-shirt we give as a gift when a guest shots down 1000 doves.


The afternoon does not disappoint. The field where we are hunting today has areas of water and a roost, so the doves never stop moving. They go back and forth to one pace to the other the entire day, until the sun goes down. At 17.30 we realize there was not even a moment when birds were not flying above us.


Even Rell and Mark, who have been to Argentina in hunting trips many times, are amazed by the amount of birds flying in this field. David makes it to the 1000 doves club, too. We’re all thrilled.

After a long day of hunting and so, so many birds shot down we’re ready to start our way back to the lodge. The staff at La Loma Lodge are waiting for our guests with drinks and snacks, massages if they need one, and whiskey. What a way to finish the day!


We love it when our guests are still amazed and delighted by the experience, even after coming for many times.

You should be the next one! 


Please, read the testimonials below and enjoy the experience in our guests own words.

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters


Pablo –

Thank you and all of your team at Pointer Outfitters for another great trip to Argentina.

Martin did a great job making sure we were in places with lots of birds to shoot and leading his team out in the field.  Gabby and the fellows served up terrific lunches.  Emanuel, my field assistant, and all of the others took very good care of us and made sure we were having fun. 

The ladies at La Loma Lodge were also great.  They took very good care of us and made sure we always had what we needed.  The food was very good and the lodge was very comfortable.  Also thanks for getting us all set up in separate rooms.  I’m sure none of the other guys would have wanted to listen to me snoring all night.

It was also nice to have a chance to meet Vicky and Cici.  They are very nice and even put up with Rell’s unusual dinner conversation.  Vicky, Cici, Florencia and all the people in the office were very helpful and made sure our trip went smoothly. 

And it was fun to have Juan around for a couple of days.  He makes sure we’re having fun and have lots of laughs when he’s around.

We know that you and your teams worked very hard to make sure we had a great experience on our trip and we appreciate all those efforts.  Thanks to everyone and we’re looking forward to our next trip.

Mark (El Chapo) Bielstein

Pablo- I agree 100% with Mark’s note. It was a trip of a lifetime for me because of the kindness and care of you entire team. You have a great group of people working for you. The experience was awesome. Thank you so much. I will definitely be coming back regularly !

The only thing I would add to Mark’s note was that we enjoyed meeting Silvia on Monday. Thanks again for a great time!

Brad Wheeless



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