Hunting in Argentina for the First Time

January has been amazing so far. We’ve had wonderful groups of hunters and we’ve seen them leave happy to have had the experience of their lifetimes. But January is not over yet and we are ready to welcome a new group. Each group is unique for us and we are always excited to meet them.


This time is Gary, Adam, Matt, Justin and Cody. It’s their first time in Argentina. They’ve heard about how good hunting is here, but they can’t even start to imagine how much fun they’re going to have.


It’s summer in our hemisphere and climatic conditions have been good for doves. Water is abundant in streams and rivers. At this time of year we prefer to hunt in hilly areas, what we call Las Sierras, from where we can see a great volume of birds moving towards the water sources during the morning and returning to their roosts in the afternoons.


Our guests are staying at Jesus Maria Deluxe Resort, a brand new hotel that offers a unique experience.  It’s well-known for its relaxed environment, delicious cuisine, locations in a rural settings, spacious outdoor recreational areas, large accommodating rooms, as well as a spa & gym. This deluxe lodge also includes in its facilities a large swimming pool with a bar and tennis courts. The rooms where our guests are staying have jacuzzis. Can you picture yourself there after a day of hunting? Sure you can!


Jesus Maria Deluxe Resort is about 50 minutes away from the airport and 40 minutes away from the hunting spots we’re taking our guests this time. During summer some essentials for the field need to be packed, such as mosquito repellent, sunscreen and sunglasses, together with ear plugs and shooting gloves. The volume of shooting is immense and you need to protect your hands.

At about 7 am, a delicious breakfast is waiting for our guests. Scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit and juice are served together with typical Argentinian homemade baked goodies. We want our guests to feel at home and also to experience the local flavours!


Doves are not shy in Cordoba, we start seeing them as soon as we hit the road to our hunting destination for the day. We drive for about 40 minutes. When we get there the staff has everything ready for our guests. We are all set for a great day of hunting! We offer our guests a good array of guns. This time they prefer semi automatic guns. Pointer has more than 100 shotguns and also we have over and unders cal. 28, 20, 410.  Benelli Montefeltro cal 20 are the guns for the day. Each hunter meets their field assistant. All set, lets fire!


The hunting spots are carefully selected based on the possibility to shoot from different angles. These places are also comfortable enough to spend a nice day outdoors. At about 12.30 pm our master chef has the famous argentinian asado(BBQ) ready. Cooked at the field, different meat cuts like ribs, flank and steak are grilled to the heat of firewood burning. This is also enjoyed with Malbec wine. Lunch at the field will definitely be a highlight when you retell your experience in Argentina to your friends!


The last part of lunch is desert and in Argentina we all know what that means: time for siesta! Each of our guests has a comfortable hammock hanging under the shade of our local trees. 30 minutes of relaxation, cool breeze, and the smell of nature.


By 3.45 pm we see the first birds of the afternoon. Our field assistants have everything ready for the next hunting session. We see a great volume of birds flying back to their roosts in Castro, an area of hills that has high shooting spots that resemble balconies.


By the end of the day we see wide grins in our guests faces and that can only mean one thing: what a great hunting day!

Justin, the group leader, says he’s having the time of his life. We know that it’s important to be in every detail to give our guests a memorable experience, and we do so because we love our job, we love those happy faces by the end of the day.


Sore muscles at the end of an intense hunting day are not a problem. We offer 45 minute massage sessions  at the lodge. Our guests are happy to accept the offer and after that they are ready to devour dinner.

The next day is going to be just as amazing as the first, or even better!

We hope to see you around, you should be the next one!

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters



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