A Thousand Birds A Day

Luckily, all the time we get to have guests like them: fun, joyful and amazing overall. I’m talking about this two groups: The first group was: Ace, Paco, John, Doug and Mike, a group of close friends. And then, the family group was Scott who came with his son Scott Junior, and two good friends of them, Chris and Gregory.


It was our pleasure to get to know all of them!

Ace’s group arrived at the end of February and they were picked up by a company representative, who drove them directly to a field near Jesus Maria, a picturesque town located north of Cordoba City, for a quick pre lunch shooting session.


At the field, our guests had a scrumptious asado made by our amazing cook Gabriel Pedersini! After lunch, they all enjoyed siesta in the hammocks. On their first day, the shooting session lasted up until 5.30 pm and then we drove our guests to La Loma Lodge to relax and end an exceptional day with some cocktails and more delicious food!


On the 18th Scott’s group arrived at Cordoba City. We picked them up from the airport and drove them directly to the field, where Ace’s group was going to be shooting too. This time, I chose a particularly beautiful field near La Para – a peaceful, beautiful town not far from the breathtaking Mar Chiquita Lake.


The morning shooting session was amazing, our guest got to enjoy plenty of birds. Later that day, we served lunch at the field: of course, asado -because everyone who visits Argentina can’t have enough of our most typical meal- and some roasted bell pepper with egg plus great beer and Malbec wine. Just see for yourself on the video! It surely will make your mouth water.


After lunch, Paco decided to go back to the lodge because he had a little too much to drink the night before! While there, he was able to rest a little, get a massage and enjoy the stunning view of the countryside.

Meanwhile, in the field, Scott and his father went to the water holes for a different hunting experience and let me tell you, they were not disappointed. On the other hand, Ace’s group went to the Feedlots and they had a great hunt at first, but the wind was blowing so birds started flying a bit higher making the shooting more of a challenge. 


As a result, Ace’s group split up into two groups and rotated between the fields while competing to see who had the best aim! Needless to say, they had tons of fun. To wrap up the day, I took our guests back to the lodge around 6.30 pm for cocktails, more food and massages since they were exhausted from so much wingshooting. It’s not a joke when we say there are millions of birds waiting for you!


On their third day with us, we took our guests to La Para again hoping they could reach the 1000 dove mark. Everyone was so excited when Scott (father) was the first one to join the club! And then, on the 20th, John reached the mark too! They were so proud when they got their 1000 dove club t-shirts. Ace did little hunting on the last day because he preferred to relax, so he stayed in the hammocks area just chilling… He was exhausted!


While Ace decided to unwind, Scott Jr. and Gregory seized the day on the morning of the 21st, before checking out, to go hunt some more on the hills.

There you have it guys, plenty of birds, tons of fun, great camaraderie, breathtaking sights, delicious food and wine… So, what are you waiting for?


Federico Silva

Hunting Guide

Pointer Outfitters



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