Why to let Pointer Outfitters run your ground transportation


I wanted to say thank you again, we all had an incredible time. Your people took excellent care of us, both at the lodge and in the field.
You have some great people working for you.
When I set this trip up for our group we used Rianna, whom you recommended, to set up out travel.
She did a wonderful job and we had no issues. We stayed at Loi Suites in Buenos Aires, which was a very pleasant hotel. The only issue we had with the entire trip was transportation that Loi Suites setup for us. They set up a private car with a driver that spoke English for us to go around town. The driver did not speak ANY English, and when it was time to pay the bill he charged us way more than the fair exchange rate for pesos to American dollars.
He was also late picking us up.
When we left your place and flew back into Buenos Aires they had setup a private car to take us to the other airport, that driver was about 45 minutes late as well.  I am telling you this for your reference for your future customers.
I would advise your customers to let you take care of everything so that they do not have similar issues.

Thank you again for such a wonderful time.
When you have time, please send me more info on the red stagg hunts.

Thank you again
Take care

Terry Basinger



Non-stop from Miami to Cordoba

On July 4th, the new service from Aerolineas Argentinas which joins together directly Cordoba and Miami have started to operate.


Aerolineas Argentinas

The flight was presented by managers from the company in the Sheraton Hotel, in the city of Cordoba.

This new non-stop service is operating twice a week, on Saturdays and Sundays. The departure is from International Airport Ingeniero Ambrosio Taravella at 11.05, and the arrival to Miami (USA) is at 19.05. The return flight is on the same days. It departs from Miami at 18.40 and arrives to Cordoba at 04.30.

The service is carried out with Airbus A-340/300.

This flight is also connected to Mendoza since the complete route is Mendoza – Cordoba – Miami – Cordoba –Mendoza.

While Cordoba has its own reputation as the world capital for dove shooting, Mendoza is know for its amazing wines and vines, which are among the best of the world. And you can have the opportunity to enjoy hunting in the best dove roost of Cordoba and tasting wines in the unique Mendoza in the same trip.Park-Hyatt-Mendoza-Hotel-Casino-And-Spa-Olive-Tree-Vineyards-Andes

For more information about mendoza check our blog: http://www.pointerwingshooting.wordpress.com/category/mendoza/

Buy your tickets in: www.aerolineas.com.ar/es-ar

Pablo Aguilo,

Pointer Outfitters.

Global Rescue


Global Rescue is committed to keeping its members safe. They provide the finest medical and security services from the world’s top experts and emergency evacuations from around the globe.

If you’re a member and are injured or become ill while traveling, their physicians and Johns Hopkins specialists will advise you. If you’re hospitalized–or need hospitalization–and want to be evacuated to a medical facility of your choice, their contracted, best-in-class air service providers will transport you.


This company is capable and committed of doing what it promises which is, provide paid members medical evacuation from anywhere in the world. They evacuate members to a hospital of their choosing and not to the nearest appropriate medical facility that some other companies offer.

if you are a hunter like us or an adventurer, you must consider this company for your trips. In case of emergency, Global Rescue will do all that is humanly possible to pick you up in the field where you are ill or injured.

Pointer Wingshooting strongly recommend our clients to contact Global Rescue and receive a personalize attention from our very good friend Sam Highley.

More info: click here


lan 1

This Airline is the chosen one. Almost all of our clients that come to Argentina come with LAN, one of the largest airlines in Latin America, serving Latin America, North America, the Caribbean, Oceania, and Europe.

LAN Airlines operates in 31 international, 17 domestic (Chile), 5 seasonal and 4 marketed destinations in 21 countries.


Besides having excellent units, LAN offers their clients lots of benefits, such as LANPASS. They created the LANPASS frequent flyer program to reward customer loyalty. There are currently over four million members. Every year, over 250,000 LANPASS members fly for free. LANPASS members earn kilometers every time they fly with LAN.

If you are going to come to Argentina, Pointer Wingshooting definitely recommend LAN. It has a great conncetion via Santiago de Chile (the best one), or there is another one via Lima that has a better pricing but you have to change planes early in the morning (like 2 am).