Another Trip to Argentina and Counting

It’s not surprising to see our guests come back after their first hunting trip to Argentina, we love to see them again. But when we have guests coming back year after year we know that we have made good friends. Rell, Mark, Brad, Tim and David have been coming to hunt with us for more than three years.


These guys have been friends for more  than ten years, they have been friends since high school in fact and some are workmates too.

We are pleased to know they have chosen Pointer again and we’re excited to welcome them in this first week of February. Our staff and La Loma Lodge are going to witness a great friends’ reunion. This lodge is a beautiful traditional estancia built in 1908. It’s just a 60 minute drive from Cordoba airport, in the town of Totoral and it’s a great option for groups of friends.


Our dear friend Rell Tipton is the father of Parker. I hold him dear because I was his first field assistant in his first trip to Argentina.

Talking about guns, it’s Rell’s habit to bring his own guns cal 28, his favorite. The rest of the group prefer a bigger caliber, and they choose our Benelli Montefeltroguns. We have a wide variety of shotguns to choose from, such as Benelli and Beretta 391 and 400, over and under shotguns, and our brand new 410.


Our field manager lets us know that there is a great volume of birds in one of our fields, 50 min away from the lodge in an area called El Bajo. We know that spot will be awesome to challenge our hunters and see who makes it to the 1000 dove club(and more!) We get to this field at 8.30 am and we know why this field was chosen, we see millions of doves flying over a water stream. We know we have a great day ahead.


When everything is set we drop each hunter off in their spot. Gaby, our cook, has the fire ready in case someone feels like a cup of tea or coffee. The coolers are ready as well, filled with ice and drinks to enjoy together with the hunt. By 11 am we check our hunters at their spots. Mark has already shot 500 doves in two hours, well done my friend! The doves never stopped flying. We know it wont be hard for Mark to enter the 1000 club. Rell has also shot down a great number, he prefers a high-angle, long shot. David, Tim and Brad are amazed by the volume of birds flying over their heads.


At 12.50 we get the call: lunch is ready! This group already knows that the hunting experience in Argentina also includes delicious food, specially meat. They have specifically asked to have morcilla in every meal. Morcilla is a kind sausage made out of pork meat and blood. It can’t be missing in a good asado. We love it when our guests enjoy the Argentinian food. They drink Malbec Wine and Quilmes beer, our national beer.


Our field assistants take good care of our guns, cleaning them for the afternoon hunting session. By the time we finish lunch and siesta everything is set for a hunting that I predict will be even better than the one they’ve just had. Mark is the first one to make it to the 1000 dove club! He has secured his Pointer T-shirt we give as a gift when a guest shots down 1000 doves.


The afternoon does not disappoint. The field where we are hunting today has areas of water and a roost, so the doves never stop moving. They go back and forth to one pace to the other the entire day, until the sun goes down. At 17.30 we realize there was not even a moment when birds were not flying above us.


Even Rell and Mark, who have been to Argentina in hunting trips many times, are amazed by the amount of birds flying in this field. David makes it to the 1000 doves club, too. We’re all thrilled.

After a long day of hunting and so, so many birds shot down we’re ready to start our way back to the lodge. The staff at La Loma Lodge are waiting for our guests with drinks and snacks, massages if they need one, and whiskey. What a way to finish the day!


We love it when our guests are still amazed and delighted by the experience, even after coming for many times.

You should be the next one! 


Please, read the testimonials below and enjoy the experience in our guests own words.

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters


Pablo –

Thank you and all of your team at Pointer Outfitters for another great trip to Argentina.

Martin did a great job making sure we were in places with lots of birds to shoot and leading his team out in the field.  Gabby and the fellows served up terrific lunches.  Emanuel, my field assistant, and all of the others took very good care of us and made sure we were having fun. 

The ladies at La Loma Lodge were also great.  They took very good care of us and made sure we always had what we needed.  The food was very good and the lodge was very comfortable.  Also thanks for getting us all set up in separate rooms.  I’m sure none of the other guys would have wanted to listen to me snoring all night.

It was also nice to have a chance to meet Vicky and Cici.  They are very nice and even put up with Rell’s unusual dinner conversation.  Vicky, Cici, Florencia and all the people in the office were very helpful and made sure our trip went smoothly. 

And it was fun to have Juan around for a couple of days.  He makes sure we’re having fun and have lots of laughs when he’s around.

We know that you and your teams worked very hard to make sure we had a great experience on our trip and we appreciate all those efforts.  Thanks to everyone and we’re looking forward to our next trip.

Mark (El Chapo) Bielstein

Pablo- I agree 100% with Mark’s note. It was a trip of a lifetime for me because of the kindness and care of you entire team. You have a great group of people working for you. The experience was awesome. Thank you so much. I will definitely be coming back regularly !

The only thing I would add to Mark’s note was that we enjoyed meeting Silvia on Monday. Thanks again for a great time!

Brad Wheeless


Hunting in Argentina for the First Time

January has been amazing so far. We’ve had wonderful groups of hunters and we’ve seen them leave happy to have had the experience of their lifetimes. But January is not over yet and we are ready to welcome a new group. Each group is unique for us and we are always excited to meet them.


This time is Gary, Adam, Matt, Justin and Cody. It’s their first time in Argentina. They’ve heard about how good hunting is here, but they can’t even start to imagine how much fun they’re going to have.


It’s summer in our hemisphere and climatic conditions have been good for doves. Water is abundant in streams and rivers. At this time of year we prefer to hunt in hilly areas, what we call Las Sierras, from where we can see a great volume of birds moving towards the water sources during the morning and returning to their roosts in the afternoons.


Our guests are staying at Jesus Maria Deluxe Resort, a brand new hotel that offers a unique experience.  It’s well-known for its relaxed environment, delicious cuisine, locations in a rural settings, spacious outdoor recreational areas, large accommodating rooms, as well as a spa & gym. This deluxe lodge also includes in its facilities a large swimming pool with a bar and tennis courts. The rooms where our guests are staying have jacuzzis. Can you picture yourself there after a day of hunting? Sure you can!


Jesus Maria Deluxe Resort is about 50 minutes away from the airport and 40 minutes away from the hunting spots we’re taking our guests this time. During summer some essentials for the field need to be packed, such as mosquito repellent, sunscreen and sunglasses, together with ear plugs and shooting gloves. The volume of shooting is immense and you need to protect your hands.

At about 7 am, a delicious breakfast is waiting for our guests. Scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit and juice are served together with typical Argentinian homemade baked goodies. We want our guests to feel at home and also to experience the local flavours!


Doves are not shy in Cordoba, we start seeing them as soon as we hit the road to our hunting destination for the day. We drive for about 40 minutes. When we get there the staff has everything ready for our guests. We are all set for a great day of hunting! We offer our guests a good array of guns. This time they prefer semi automatic guns. Pointer has more than 100 shotguns and also we have over and unders cal. 28, 20, 410.  Benelli Montefeltro cal 20 are the guns for the day. Each hunter meets their field assistant. All set, lets fire!


The hunting spots are carefully selected based on the possibility to shoot from different angles. These places are also comfortable enough to spend a nice day outdoors. At about 12.30 pm our master chef has the famous argentinian asado(BBQ) ready. Cooked at the field, different meat cuts like ribs, flank and steak are grilled to the heat of firewood burning. This is also enjoyed with Malbec wine. Lunch at the field will definitely be a highlight when you retell your experience in Argentina to your friends!


The last part of lunch is desert and in Argentina we all know what that means: time for siesta! Each of our guests has a comfortable hammock hanging under the shade of our local trees. 30 minutes of relaxation, cool breeze, and the smell of nature.


By 3.45 pm we see the first birds of the afternoon. Our field assistants have everything ready for the next hunting session. We see a great volume of birds flying back to their roosts in Castro, an area of hills that has high shooting spots that resemble balconies.


By the end of the day we see wide grins in our guests faces and that can only mean one thing: what a great hunting day!

Justin, the group leader, says he’s having the time of his life. We know that it’s important to be in every detail to give our guests a memorable experience, and we do so because we love our job, we love those happy faces by the end of the day.


Sore muscles at the end of an intense hunting day are not a problem. We offer 45 minute massage sessions  at the lodge. Our guests are happy to accept the offer and after that they are ready to devour dinner.

The next day is going to be just as amazing as the first, or even better!

We hope to see you around, you should be the next one!

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters


It Is All About Doves and Having Fun

In the third week of January we had the pleasure to welcome a great group of people. Colt Power, Van Power and Billy Smith visited us from Texas. They arrived at Cordoba airport at 11.45 am and they had chosen to stay at the Plaza Real Lodge.


Plaza Real Lodge is one of the best options for dove hunting in Argentina because it is just 80km away from the airport, and located between the airport and the best dove roost of the area.


Because we want our guests to have the best hunting experience of their lives and have a memorable trip, we plan everything according to the individual characteristics of the group. That’s why after we picked them up from the airport we drove them straight to the field, there was no time to waste. We wanted to start the hunting fun as soon as possible!  The hunting area for the day was towards the west of our province, a place called Los Pozos, located between the hills and the dove roost. There, a delicious lunch at the field had been prepared by our chef. The menu was the most typical Argentinian meal you can ask for: the world’s famous Argentinian asado (BBQ) cooked at the field and Malbec wine. Our lunches at the field are next level. After the first day, all of our guests are anxiously waiting for the next lunch. The skewer is one of the most expected dishes in the field because it is prepared with the doves hunted by our guests that morning. It is really amazing. You should see it for yourself! After enjoying the meal, the group was ready to start hunting. Although a bit shorter than usual, the hunt was fantastic!


For the next day, the beginning of the hunting activities was planned for 8.30 am. However, the weather conditions were not good in the morning so a change of plans was in order to make the most of the day. We waited 45 minutes at the lodge for the weather conditions to ease while our guests enjoyed a good chat with the guides and locals. After that, we decided to head to the hunting area and we planned an earlier lunch at the field to allow for a longer hunting session in the afternoon. Although the morning hunting was a bit shorter than usual, the improved weather conditions allowed Colt, Van and Billy to have an excellent hunting day. All of them showed their amazing hunting skills!


The third day started with a clear and bright blue sky, as it is usual in Cordoba during summer. At 8.30 a new hunting day started and by the time we stopped for lunch our friends were amazed by the volume of birds flying over the cornfields. Colt and Van had something in mind: the 1000 club. They wanted to win our 1000 doves t-shirt, so they are very excited to start the hunting afternoon.


We decided to take  our friends to a different area, the highest point of the hill, where the amount of doves flying was just unbelievable. Here was the best spot for Colt and Van to achieve their goal. Billy was not as focused on the 1000 club as he was on having fun, and the field did not disappoint him!


Although Cordoba is well known for the volume of doves both shot and flying over the fields, it is something that has to be seen to be believed. Colt, Van and Billy had a very specific request for the next hunting day, which was to go back to the exact same field of the day before. They were not as concerned with the 1000 club as the day before, but they were definitely ready to have fun!


It’s important to notice that even though the four days of hunting were in the same area, west of Los Pozos, on the way to the town of Dean Funes, the roosts visited were completely different.


We like providing our guests with the best experience, both at the field and at the lodge. That’s why after every hunting day we welcome them with drinks and delicious snacks by the firepit. And by snacks I mean another typical Argentinian meal, the famous picada. A picada is a plate of assorted delicious homemade cold meats, cheese and empanadas, usually served before lunch or dinner. My mouth just waters to think of this! Hunters can also enjoy a massage to relax the muscles for the next hunting day.


Unfortunately, an unexpected change in the flight departures made us cancel the last morning of hunting. Colt’s flight had been rescheduled for 9.20 am, which meant we had to leave the lodge at 6.30 am. His dad and Billy had to leave the lodge at 1 pm, so they could enjoy a morning of leisure and relaxation at La Loma Lodge before they left.


We were sad to see them go, our field assistants will always remember you! We can’t wait to have you back!

You should be the next one!

Federico Silva

Hunting Guide

Pointer Outfitters


Outstanding Hunting Performance

Matthew May’s group arrived in Cordoba in January. After they got to the airport, we started our way to the lodge straight away so that they could enjoy their day of hunting. Mat, James, William, Jason, Pat, and Trey chose to stay in La Loma Lodge, a great option for groups of friends.


This lodge is one of our most requested hunting destinations, given that it is located between the two most prized dove roosts in Cordoba. La Loma is a beautiful traditional Estancia built in 1908 by one of the wealthiest families in Argentina. The lodge is located about one hour north of Cordoba International Airport in the town of Totoral.


For the first day of hunting we drove the group of friends towards the west of the lodge. It was incredibly hot, but our guests were not disturbed by that. They were astounded by the volume of doves and the amounts of shots fired.


The second day was great, too. Hunting was good in the morning but lunch was even better! Our chef Gaby Pederzini prepared a stir fry of dove and veggies, it was delicious as usual!. We enjoyed it together with a good wine, a must if you visit this country! The day went on to a great hunting afternoon, but the most fascinating experience was to see James eating twelve dove hearts! He really enjoyed each of them! We had a blast!


During the third and fourth day we traveled to La Para, a great place for hunting. The extremely hot weather made the trip a bit tiring, but the rewards were worth the heat and the tiredness: two of our guests shot more than two thousand doves in a day! Yes, two thousand!  It was the best hunting experience of their lives, needless to say. Pointer gave them a present for their outstanding hunting performance.


After that we made our way back to La Loma Lodge. They were in high spirits and they spent the evening by the firepit and under a sky full of stars talking about the great hunting of the day. They enjoyed the cool breeze, a relief after the hot days. Awesome food, like empanadas, a typical Argentinian food and awesome drinks after a long day in the field.


We offer our guests a variety of Benelli and Beretta shotguns and they always exceed our clients expectations.


Given the great results achieved so far, our guests decided not to go hunting in their last day and stay in the lodge instead. They asked the birdboys and chef Gaby to come to bid them farewell, have a few pictures taken and thank them for their outstanding performance.


I’m pretty sure this group of friends will never forget the best hunting experience of their lives. It was a pleasure for us to have them and we hope to see them around again!


You should be the next one!

Federico Guervazoni

Hunting Guide

Pointer Outfitters










Hunting and Tradition

After the Dallas Show we start a new season. January is a hot month in Argentina, with temperatures of about 35 C. We have had a few days of rain but luckily, the beginning of the season is going great so far. Plenty of birds are coming to the shooting area in Las Sierras. The roads are in a good state despite the rain.


The abundance of water in our rivers and creeks is good because it makes the birds move around the area.

Our guests are Bruce, Ted, Rick, Delbert and Nathan. They come from Huston, Texas and it’s their first time in Argentina. They’re friends and a great group of people. They are staying in our lodge Plaza Real, located in a great spot for dove hunting. Plaza Real is second to none in terms of facilities and the hunting experience.


We get to the field at lunchtime and Federico, also called Fefe, our master chef, is ready to let us savor a delicious Argentinian asado (BBQ). Before we begin, we offer our guests ice cold Quilmes beer and dove tacos.



After that, we are ready to offer our variety of Benelli and Beretta shotguns.

Our clients prefer a light and fast gun, and for that we have the Benelli Montefeltro cal. 20

In this group, two of our guests have specially asked for an over and under Beretta Silver Pigeon. All of them were satisfied by their gun’s performances.


After a great lunch, we’re ready to begin. Our head guide says well, well, well and we are ready to check the shooting spots.

We see that everything’s going well so our bird boys Emanuel and Tata go for more ammunition. We’re having a fantastic day. By the end of the day, our guests are very thankful to our birdboys for their outstanding work.


The first guest comes to our camp. He is surprised at the amount of birds shot down and flying over his head, too. After a few minutes, the rest of the group comes. They’re all happy with the results. They can’t believe the amoun of birs flying. Sometimes, they even stop shooting just to see them fly! We start our way back to the lodge where they are going to enjoy a few hours of relaxation. We know that there delicious appetizers and our guest’s favorite cocktails are waiting for them.


We went to a different field each day, and in all of them our guests enjoyed their distinctive scenery at a great time of the dove season.


This is a special group because during this time of year a very important folklore and rodeo festival is happening in Jesús María, a town just 20 min. away from our lodge. In this unique festival, the best folklore singers and dancers and the best horse riders compete in the rodeo. This festival has been part of our culture and tradition for more than 50 years and is well known abroad.

Horse and bull rodeo is very popular in Texas, where our guests come from. That’s why we have a VIP place in our festival so that they can have the best views of the show,  and enjoy the best wine and meat from Argentina. Attending this festival is a very interesting experience for our guests since Ted is a rodeo champion himself in Texas and he’s a vet as well, together with Bruce. Our guests were fascinated by the show and they enjoyed the experience very much.

Attending our Doma and Folklore festival is another option for guests coming to Argentina in January. We really hope more and more clients can enjoy our services and our tradition.


Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters



     I’ve been a little busy since I got back but had to take time today to share my thoughts on our hunting experience with Pointer Outfitters. I know Rick, Bruce, Ted and Delbert feel the same. Our trip was purchased through the CCA banquet here in Brenham, Tx. I have always wanted to hunt doves in Argentina and have had a handful of friends that have gone multiple times and I have heard their experiences which was always, you got to go just once you won’t believe it! Not knowing anything about Pointer Outfitters prior to purchasing the trip other than visiting your web site. I know their are quite a few outfitters in Argentina that do these type of hunts as I have heard about several from my friends and most of their experiences were very enjoyable and most talked about all the doves which is hard to explain to people unless you witness it yourself.

     Let me say this, that yes there are many outfitters in Argentina and this was my first experience but there is absolutely no way that you could have a Outfitter with better experience than Pointer Outfitters. Pablo, I have been in the retail and restaurant business for 36 and everyone could learn something from your customer service. The guys who coordinate the daily trips, the bird boys (and I hate to call them that so lets say hunter helpers), the chef we had prepare our meals, the lodge staff from front to back and last but not least Miadell what a wonderful person, she and all the staff made the trip with doves or no doves. You should be very proud of the job Miadell and her guys run your business, I just can’t say enough. I feel I have made some lifelong friends that week. Our hunter helpers were Ta Ta and Gabriel. They were all good but these two guys were amazing and so much fun to be with. I will never forget them. The hunt, the food, the lodging was all over the top but it was the PEOPLE at Pointer Outfitters that made the trip. I told a friend the other day that I have been in 5 star Westin hotels and never got treated like that and did not come there to get waited on like that but everyone did so with such pleasure. You just don’t see that much anymore. So I thank you for a lifetime experience that will never be forgotten and I can’t wait to return to Pointer Outfitters.

God Bless,





The Best Way to Start the Year

On the 7th of January, I met an amazing group from New York; Tim Kilgallon and his friends Daniel, Dean and Ben. They arrived in Cordoba on that same day, saturday morning, and I went to the NH Panoramic Hotel to pick them up in the afternoon to accompany them on a walking city tour in Cordoba city.


One of Cordoba’s main attractions is the Jesuit Block, a series of colonial buildings that has been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The Jesuit Block is a city block of buildings constructed by the Jesuits during the 17th and 18th centuries, including schools, temples and residences. Among the more impressive features are a crypt at the underground novitiate temple, the Company of Jesus Church (the oldest temple in Argentina), and Argentina’s first university, which has been converted into a historic museum by the Cordoba National University.

The city’s most important religious building is the Catedral de Cordoba. Its architecture combines neoclassical, romantic and baroque elements fused with indigenous details. The interior design highlights vault paintings and a variety of contemporary adornments.


Another thing we went visiting was the amazing Paseo del Buen Pastor, a cultural center in the historic district. Modern and functional, it includes a beautiful colonial chapel (Capuchinos) and conserves original pieces such as porticos and columns, combining contemporary and historic elements. It is made up of diverse spaces designed to house art exhibitions along with various galleries, theaters, cinemas, concert halls and dancing fountains that perform a light and music show in the evenings. There are spacious gardens, terraces, plazas and open-air areas for relaxing, surrounded by excellent restaurants and cafes. El Paseo del Buen Pastor is a true delight for art lovers!

Los Capuchinos church, just in front of the Paseo del Buen Pastor, is a true example of Gothic Revival architecture, designed and made by the famous Italian artist and engineer Augusto Ferrari. He brought specialized staff from Rome to build this structure. The interior and exterior are incredibly beautiful!


So, it was a hot day but they were really happy about our summer weather since snow is the main character in NYC these days.

It was 6 pm and the tour guide started to telling us all about Cordoba’s history, and after an hour of interesting facts, the group was feeling thirsty – but excited still-  so I took them to a beer place called Antares in Nueva Cordoba neighbourhood, to grab some beers before dinner.


Beers, laughter, happiness, camaraderie, everything was going great. At 8:30 pm we had reservations made for the group to have and amazing Argentine Barbecue in Alcorta Restaurant for dinner.

Red wine, the most important part of the night, appear to delight our clients palad. Let me tell you a little bit of Argentinean Wine.

Aromas and colors of Córdoba’s wines are closely related to the work of both Jesuits and Friuli immigrants that inhabited the province. As in almost all winemaking regions in Argentina, the Jesuits were those responsible for introducing wine in the province, mainly for mass celebration. Our wines’ handwork can be perceived in their intensity, a flavor enhanced by those of pork meats, cold-cuts and cheese from Colonia Caroya, where the largest local winemaking production is concentrated.

Dan and Dean are chefs, so they were really into this part of the day. They told me lots of stories of all kinds of food they’ve tasted around the world, but nothing compares to the meat and wines we have in Argentina, they said.

Dinner time was over and so I took them back to the hotel, so they can rest and relax before starting the hunting trip with us.


The next morning, Martin, one of our main guides, went to the hotel at 11:00 am to pick them up and take them straight to the field. 


It was a rainy morning, but Martin managed to escape the storm and arrive to the field right on time for lunch.


After lunch the gentlemen took a quick nap in the shadow of the trees on the hammocks, had coffee ,and chatted before they headed to their afternoon hunting locations.

Once the afternoon hunt was over, Martin took them to the Plaza Real Lodge so they can relax and have a massage session after such a long day of hunting.


The football game was on the TV, so they were all watching that. After some snacks, drinks and the game, we had dinner and then went to the firepit, and, a few hours later, we all decided to go to sleep so we can be ready for the day we had ahead.

The next morning we woke up at 7 am and went to the dining room to have an energetic breakfast to be good to go. Martin arrived at 8am with the van and everything ready for us. We got in there and started that unique experience they were really excited to have.


On that cloudy and hot day we arrived to the field, after escaping from the dark clouds full of water, and the team was waiting for us with everything prepared to hit the hunting spots.

We heard the shots and we knew everything was going great. By the time they finished the morning hunting, lunch was ready.


Our amazing and professional chef Federico, prepared for us a really tasty lunch. We had the traditional Argentinean barbeque known as “asado”. A light salad composed of cabbage, tomato, and lettuce was our first course. It was doused with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, giving it a sweet tang. Juicy sausage was served next. Then came the pork flank. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and lime juice; it was the perfect consistency of fat and muscle. It is akin to eating a large succulent piece of bacon. The main entrée was tenderloin. Slow cooked to perfection with a moist pink center and a charred exterior. The two textures playing off each other exceptionally. Lastly, chicken thigh and breast seasoned with lime juice, salt, and pepper. For dessert we had Tiramisu. It was light and airy providing a sweet but not overly filling end to our meal.


The sunny afternoon was waiting for them, so, they took a quick nap to relax a little bit and went back to their hunting spots.


I don’t think I can really put in words how much fun this group had while hunting here with us. They were having a blast! Doves were everywhere and flying really fast, the challenge was on!

It was my first time hosting a group from New York City, and I have nothing to say but good things about them. An amazing group of people, full of energy and fun, open to other cultures, trying to make everyone to feel comfortable, Tim’s group.


You should be the next one !

Victoria Fallótico

Host & Lodge Manager

Pointer Outfitters

Great Hunt and Great Time

We went to Cordoba’s airport to pick Lloyd Voigt and his friends up. They arrived at 1 pm and, once we got their luggage inside the van, we left the airport to go straight to Jesus maria in order to have lunch and then take them to the field to start the afternoon hunt.


That day, we finished the hunting at 6.30 pm and went to the lodge they had chosen; Plaza Real Lodge.

Let me tell you something. Plaza Real is one of the best options for dove hunting in Argentina. It is located in the province of Cordoba, in the center of Argentina, 50 miles (100 km) north of Cordoba’s International Airport. The driving time from the airport to the lodge is one hour. Smack dab in the middle of the main capital of dove hunting in South America. It is close to Totoral City, and this totally renovated and stylish hotel surrounded by farmland, provides excellent and new accommodations to make your trip special. Argentina dove hunting reviews mention this unique place as a great option for wingshooters from all over the world. The rooms are big and comfortable, all with private bathroom, king and queen size beds, in single or double occupancy; and special suites.


The next day, they woke up at 7am and had an amazing breakfast at the lodge. Fruit salad, scrambled eggs, bacon, cereal, and, of course, a lot of coffee, daily basis for a hunter.

I went to the lodge, picked them up, and left with the group to La Para, which is a small town located 100km away from Villa del Totoral, where the lodge is.


If you ask me about the hunt, oh God! It was excellent. Doves were everywhere, it exceeded everyone’s expectations. They just could not believe their eyes!  

Because of the great day they had, everyone was feeling a little bit tired so they decided they wanted to go back to the lodge, and so it was. At 4.30 pm, the hunting for this group was over. We arrived to the lodge at 6 pm, and the girls at the Plaza Real were waiting for the group with a glass of fresh orange juice. 

After arriving to the lodge, they decided to take a shower and maybe have a massage session.

Dinner was ready at 8.30 pm and, after enjoying the fire pit, they went to bed to prepare themselves for another great day.

On the third day, we decided to change the hunting zone and went to the highlands of Cordoba.


The morning was a little slower than how we are used it to be, but it was because of the weather, that was windy and cloudy.

After an amazing lunch with doves in red wine and the incredible Asado Argentino as a main dish, we went back to the hunting spot and we knew it was going to be a great day.

The weather got better and our clients were really excited about this afternoon.

On their last day of hunting, we decided to take them to Jesus Maria, since that is one of the best zones to go hunting because of the quality of our fields there.


The day was sunny and so that made everything easier, helping our new friends to get to the 1000 doves Club !

very happy about this whole trip, they went to the city for their last day in Cordoba.

A brief city tour was done and, after lunch, they were taken to the airport for departure.

Doves everywhere, amazing meals, great people and a group of friends; that’s what made their trip so incredible.

I hope to see you next time !


Federico Silva

Hunting Guide

Pointer Outfitters

A Trip of a Lifetime

My phone says it’s time to start a new day. The outside temperature is very warm, which is a prediction for a beautiful day. This time, we have an amazing group of four people, two lovely couples; Gary and Kimber, and Jordan and Kiera.




So, as the day starts, our guests had an early breakfast to start the day the best way possible. They decided to stay at Jesus Maria Deluxe Resort, a place where every guest feels at home.

Once they finished this amazing breakfast, Gary and Jordan prepared everything they needed to go straight to the field, and us, we have our shotguns, cartridges, camping equipment and everything ready for a great day.

Kiera and Kimber, in the other hand, were non hunters, so for them we had prepared many different activities to enjoy their trip in Cordoba.




Talking about our non-hunting activities, we can mention activities from horseback riding to a spa day, going through museum visits, Shopping center visits, wine tasting, and many other things Cordoba has to offer and that you can chose from, depending on your likes.

If you would like to get to know this amazing city, let me tell you a bit of what a City Tour in Cordoba looks like. First we would visit Plaza San Martín & surrounding areas; Cordoba’s central square. Its western side is dominated by the white arcade of the restored Cabildo and close to it there is the architecturally impressive Catedral.

Then, we would continue with the Córdoba’s magestic Manzana Jesuitica. The Jesuit block contains the core buildings of the Jesuit system: the university, the church and residence of the Society of Jesus, and the college. In this area we can also visit some stores or boutiques where you can find our well known leather, nice souvenirs and silver crafts.

After visiting the museums, we are ready to have lunch in a traditional restaurant in the area, preparing ourselves for the one and only Paseo del Buen Pastor and Sacred Coeur Church. There are a couple of hip cafe-bars in the central patio area where you can kick back with an Appletini or two. The attached chapel (which has been desanctified) hosts regular live-music performances to finish a nice afternoon.




We would also go to the city’s best contemporary art museums: The Emilio Caraffa Museum, and Palacio Ferreyra Museum. There you will enjoy paintings, sculptures and a Beaux-Arts mansion designed by French architect Ernest Sanson and built between 1912 and 1916 for Dr. Martín Ferreyra.

Finally, ten blocks away from the Córdoba urban historical shell, we get deep into the renowned Bohemian neighborhood called Güemes to visit Paseo de las Artes (artisan flea market).This area is a meeting place and a hot tourist spot that grows constantly.

So, going back to the hunters now, around 8:30 Gary and Jordan are ready to take the field. This time, we are taking them to a place that is less than 30 minutes away from the lodge. As usual, we are taking them on our comfortable toyotas trucks.




As soon as we arrived, the field assistants are waiting for us. The field is full of doves everywhere and, after five minutes of having started the hunting, I hear the first shot. “Buenoooo” screams the assistant.

From what I can here, they are already having a great time, but now, it’s the time to check if each of our new friends is in a good shooting place.

In terms of shotguns, we like recommending Benelli Montefeltro cal 20 since this are amazing machines that work perfectly for dove shooting. Our guest are very happy about them because the shotguns itself and the cartridges worked very well, and they are happy about the manners of our field assistants and how professional they are, always taking care of every detail.

A couple of hours later, I received the first shooter in the tent. Federico, our chef, is ready to receive him with a glass of wine and a special appetizer, which in this case is a bunch of tasty pigeons prepared as a Taco with a traditional chimichurri sauce or well-known as chimichanga.




After all our guests are at the table, lunchtime started with some fresh pigeon wrapped in bacon onion and peppers, and following, we have some ribs, flank steak, pork, and other meat cuts grilled, and all together making the one and only argentinean Asado, accompanied of course, with Malbec wine.
After lunch, we like preparing the hammocks for a quick nap before the afternoon hunt. Meanwhile, Francisco and Emanuel, the assistants, are checking new positions for the afternoon hunt.

In October, the weather is very good as we are in the spring time, so we have a very pleasant temperature. At 2:30 pm we have the first doves flying, which means it’s time to start.
Our field assistants with each shotgun clean and ready, are already positioned to guide our clients to the shooting area.
After an amazing day of shooting, at 5.45 pm, and after picking up everything they needed, our guest were good to go.
Returning to the lodge, I remember listening to them talking about the memories of the day, happy about every single dove they killed.

Once they arrived to the lodge, the host and their wives were waiting for them to enjoy some appetizers before dinner and, of course, a massage session to ease the shoulders.
Now, knowing that customers are safe in the hands of our chef and staff, I will leave the lodge and prepare everything for another day.

I hope to see you again soon !

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters


The Best Hunting Experience

A new group came and we are very happy to have them here with us. They arrived in Buenos Aires and decided to spend a night there before coming to Cordoba. After a 45 minutes flight, they arrived in our beautiful city, in which we were waiting with our van to take them to La Loma Lodge, located 50 minutes away from the airport, in north direction.




Once we got to the lodge, Chris, Jason, and Allen, are ready to start the hunting.

At 7.30 am they are woken up by Paola, the lodge manager, telling them that their breakfast is ready. Scrambled eggs, bacon, yogurt, coffee, tea, cereal, everything you need to start the day with energy.

Before leaving to the field, we told them about the zone towards we were going for our hunting day. At this time of the year, we have great fields located only 25 minutes away from La Loma lodge. We prepared our Mercedes Benz truck to make our guests feel as much comfortable as we possibly can.

Arriving to the field, we saw all our staff waiting for us, ready to help our new friends and make them feel at home. Gaby, Fran, and Ema are ready to start the day.




We like recommending our guests to use shotguns like Beretta 400, a new release from Beretta, Benelli Montefeltro cal 20, and Beretta Urika cal 12, which were the most used these past days since those shotguns are perfect for dove shooting.

Our shooting zone on this time of the year shows us the biggest amount of doves around the prickly pears and on other fields that we strategically have, in order to see millions of flying doves.

As usually, our guests have two shotguns each, which are constantly reloaded by our professional field assistants that are always aware in case anyone needs something.




At around 12.30pm it’s time to finish the morning hunt. Some of our new friends had a great morning achieving great numbers, close to their target; the 1.000 doves club !

Now, it’s time to talk about the one and only lunch at the field. Our chef, Fede, has many specialties, but the best ones that he likes preparing at the field, are the doves in red wine, doves with exquisite herbs, and, as a main dish, our traditional Asado accompanied with the best red wine of Argentina; Malbec.

We like bringing to our guest the best thing on the market, and this is not an exception in terms of wineries. Just in case you did not know, let me tell you a little bit more about Argentine wines.

Known for its plump dark fruit flavors and smoky finish, Malbec wine offers a great alternative to higher priced Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. However, there’s more to Malbec than just value. The main fruit flavors in a glass of Argentine Malbec are blackberry, plum and black cherry. The nuanced flavors offer milk chocolate, cocoa powder, violet flowers, leather and, depending on the amount of oak aging, a sweet tobacco finish.




So, after a very special lunch, our customers got very anxious since they are seeing many birds returning to roost. Apparently, I thought, we are going to have a good afternoon with many birds coming to our roosts.

Pointer Outfitters huge staff is waiting for you to make you feel at home and to provide you with the best hunting experience ever.

You should be the next one !

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters


An Unbelievable Trip

This group came in October, which is my favourite month of the year for wingshooting. They are a very particular group since it is their first time in Argentina and in our luxurious Lodge, Estancia La Paz.


We recommend our guests using guns like Benelli Montefeltro cal 20 and our new units from Beretta 400, as well as Beretta Silver Pigeons Over and Under, and Beretta 391, since those are really light and with a high performance when you shoot. These are really fast shotguns for shooting as many doves as we have here on our fields.

Just in case you did not know, we are located in northern Cordoba, place that has many fields and highlands filled with doves. In our case, we like taking our guests to the lower part of this zone, since doves are flying close to the rivers and that works great for us.

So, as I mentioned before, I really like October because it’s the most recommended month for wingshooting. The weather is amazing, doves are everywhere, everything is perfect.

Even though this year the corn harvest was a bit delayed, and doves stayed a little longer in the hills, they are already nesting on a particular zone that is strategic for dove shooting, with some inner roads that make everything easier.

We also count on a professional field staff that is always taking care of your needs, making your trip an amazing experience.

Our guests Paul, Michael, Brad, and Danny choose to stay in one of our favourite Lodges; Estancia La Paz.

This places is a traditional estancia that exisists since the nineteenth century, and looms large in Argentina’s history, as it was the place chosen by the President Julio A. Roca to spend his days off. Through this legacy, Pueblo Estancia La Paz, became a unique development that combines history, nature, and style.




Nestled in the heart of the Sierras Chicas in Cordoba, Argentina, Estancia La Paz is conceived as the best urban accommodations available, featuring comfort and services offered by luxury hotels.

This beautiful Estancia rests on 501 hectares, of which 268 are parks and nature reserves, and the remaining 232 devoted to a Residential Area.

Another thing that is worth mentioning, is lunch time at the field. Our cheff prepared some doves in red wine with sauted vegetables, dove tacos with Tabaco sause and, of course, as a main dish he made traditional Argentinean Asado with many different cuts of meat, always accompained with red Malbec wine from such great wineries as the ones Argentina has.

After three days of non-stopping wingshooting action, our new friends, before leaving the country, decided to do a city tour around Cordoba City, a great option to get to know this beautiful and full of history province.

We hope to see you guys again soon.

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters