Non-stop from Miami to Cordoba

On July 4th, the new service from Aerolineas Argentinas which joins together directly Cordoba and Miami have started to operate.


Aerolineas Argentinas

The flight was presented by managers from the company in the Sheraton Hotel, in the city of Cordoba.

This new non-stop service is operating twice a week, on Saturdays and Sundays. The departure is from International Airport Ingeniero Ambrosio Taravella at 11.05, and the arrival to Miami (USA) is at 19.05. The return flight is on the same days. It departs from Miami at 18.40 and arrives to Cordoba at 04.30.

The service is carried out with Airbus A-340/300.

This flight is also connected to Mendoza since the complete route is Mendoza – Cordoba – Miami – Cordoba –Mendoza.

While Cordoba has its own reputation as the world capital for dove shooting, Mendoza is know for its amazing wines and vines, which are among the best of the world. And you can have the opportunity to enjoy hunting in the best dove roost of Cordoba and tasting wines in the unique Mendoza in the same trip.Park-Hyatt-Mendoza-Hotel-Casino-And-Spa-Olive-Tree-Vineyards-Andes

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Bodega Luigi Bosca

Familia Arizu has been working in the national wine-producing industry for over img_historia_3567564100 years. Currently led by its third and fourth generation, Bodega Luigi Bosca is one of the few wine-producing places that remains in the hands of the founding family throughout the decades, and has become the paradigm of the national wine.

The pillars on which they have managed to consolidate their experience have been their international expansion, their prestige based on their know-how passed on over the years, and the constant and homogeneous quality of the wines, and a permanent search for excellence through innovation, dynamism, and state-of-the-art technology.

Bodega Luigi Bosca is not only just one of the wine producing premises with the highest share in the local market of premium wines, but their labels are present in the five continents and it reaches more than 50 countries in the world. Today they produce 8 million bottles of wine out of which 60% is sold abroad, mainly in the United States, Canada and Brazil.


Bodega Luigi Bosca has seven vineyards of their own in the province of Mendoza, located between 1,150 and 780 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.), whose vineyards are watered with pure meltwater coming down from the Mountain Range. Their phytosanitary health is the best.

The different varieties planted in these vineyards were brought from Europe during the last decade of the XIX century. Therefore, today’s vines are the result of selection from the best of those old family vineyards that went through a very slow acclimatization process to the lands of Mendoza. During this period, several crossings and changes were favored, strengthening the unique and personal character of these vineyards.

Luigi Bosca. Tradition, genuineness and elegance are the three foundations upon which the wide line of white, red and sparkling wines making the Luigi Bosca line are based on. The flagship brand of the winery conceals its centenary history in each bottle, and offers varietal alternatives for the different situations and moments of consumption. True to its tradition, the Arizu family has thoroughly understood the secret of the vine and the terroir of Mendoza, reflected in each bottle from a timeless collection of wines that are noble, elegant and with great tipicity.linea_productos1

Finca La Linda. Youth and expressiveness are the characteristics which best describe the Finca La Linda line, the current collection of young wines from the Bodega Luigi Bosca. Its pioneering spirit encourages us to discover each variety of grapes grown in Mendoza’s terroir, and also to find those unique short moments that are worth enjoying intensively. Finca La Linda wines are defined as having personality, style and the purest and sheerest expression of its varietal and blends.

Pointer Wingshooting invites you to visit another exceptional winery in one of the best vineyards of Argentina. Do not miss this unique chance.

Pablo Aguilo

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Bodegas Salentein

The Salentein estate is as rich in history as in vineyard character. Land now planted to grapes once bore witness to great deeds and heroism. This goodwill was the work of the indigenous people, Jesuit missionaries who came to the region, and important historical figures, such as General San Martin.img-historia salentein 2

Finca San Pablo, one of the Salentein vineyards, has historical roots that reach back to the 17th century. In the past, the property was part of an estancia called De Arriba, which belonged to the Society of Jesus. In the heart of the finca, some 1,500 meters above sea level, lei the ruins of Casa Grande, an old farmhouse.

Surrounded by a mature grove, the old house was built by the Jesuits, who had already begun developing viticulture practices at that time. Today, more than two centuries later, timthumbBodegas Salentein grows Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc in Finca San Pablo. Respectful of the land’s vibrantly textured past; Salentein is equally inspired by the land’s remarkably promising future. It is this delicate balance of old and new —of blending the tradition of long-celebrated European winemaking methods with the bold ingenuity of the New World- that defines the Salentein style.

The goal of Salentein is to make high quality Argentine wines, while respecting and supporting the people, nature and community from which the wines are created. The company’s lasting commitment to the people of Argentina combines investments, employment opportunities, and training with lessons of hope. Salentein faces national challenges with vitality and a long-term global perspective.


Salentein lies in the province of Mendoza, the most important winegrowing region of Argentina, with some 150.000 vineyard hectares (370.500 acres) and more than 900 wineries.

Salentein is a leader in cultivating global awareness of the emerging premium wineries of Argentina. A new vision of quality —with plantings of classical varietals, preservation of old vines, application of European artistry, and advanced technology— is yielding world-class wines.

About the Winery

The magnificent winery, designed for both form and function in the shape of a cross, allows for customized gentle handling of the grapes, reducing the distance wine needs to be moved between winemaking steps.

Each of the wings is a small winery with two levels-a ground level that houses stainless steel tanks and French wooden vats for fermentation and storage, and an underground level for aging wine in oak casks. The two levels allow wine to flow from the tanks to the barrels by a traditional gravity transfer system.

The four wings converge in a circular central chamber, which resembles an amphitheater and was inspired by ancient classical temples.

timthumb salenteinThe Cellar

The underground cellars are naturally maintained at a constant 12°C (53.5°F) and 80% humidity. Wine is aged in small (225-liter) French oak casks. The cellar capacity is 5,000 barrels.

Tasting Room

Beyond the functionality, the shape and materials of the bodega also honor the religious roots of the valley.
Jesuit missionaries settled here in the 16th century and cultivated some of the first vineyards in the region. Salentein’s tasting room features a ceiling that has been hand-painted using colors ground from natural stone by the women of the local village.

Primus Room

Beauty and function converge once again in the Primus Room of Bodegas Salentein. Located on the ground floor of the winery at the heart of the two wings that form Salentein’s distinctive cross shape, the Primus Room is a mini winery exclusively dedicated to making Salentein’s Primus wines. The Primus Room houses 12 temperature-controlled French-oak wooden vats with a capacity of 7,600 liters each. This ´winery-within-a-winery´ concept is unique both in design and in its capacity for crafting premium wines using the highest quality equipment. As the ultimate expression of Valle de Uco mountain winegrowing, Primus wines are made only in those years when the fruit is of exceptional quality.


Pointer Wingshooting wants to accompany you in this wonderful experience of knowing not only the breathtaking landscapes of Argentina but also its fabulous traditions and culture. That is why we recommend the best options, like Salentein, for our guests.

Pablo Aguiló

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Park Hyatt Mendoza Hotel

Park Hyatt Mendoza Hotel, Casino & Spa, with its beautifully restored 19th-cq5dam.thumbnail.744.415century Spanish colonial façade, is a prestigious five-star hotel. Located in one of the Great Wine Capitals of the World, the hotel is situated in the main business district in the centre of Mendoza, in front of Plaza Independencia.

The hotel is only 15 minutes away from Mendoza International Airport, and 90 minutes away from the Aconcagua Mountain and major ski resorts in Argentina.

Park Hyatt Mendoza is ideal for business and leisure travelers, including rooms with stunning views of the Andes mountain and the city of Mendoza. Close to the most important vineyards and wineries of the region.

Its 186 guestrooms and Suits are provided with refined wood furniture, soft materials and local 2

The conference rooms are custom-designed for meetings, social events and conferences. There are three meeting rooms, a boardroom and a 300 square-metre ballroom that evokes the luxurious Salón de Los Espejos of the historic Plaza Hotel.

Delight yourself with our gastronomic options: Bistro M, Grill Q – Parrila Aregentina, Uvas Lounge y Bar, and Terrazas de la Plaza. Experience also Kaua Club & Spa and Regency Casino Mendoza.

More than 50 years of hospitality expertise. Smart architecture and design. A great global sales team. Unique and award winning restaurant concepts. Plus, a thoughtful approach to growth that positions the hotels for success. These stand out among the reasons why owners and developers put their confidence in Hyatt. Yet above all, the core strength emerges from a philosophy of authentic hospitality delivered to each and every guest 24/7 around the world.hyattt

Is our responsability to suggest and offer you the best option for your trip.

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Bodegas Catena Zapata

When our guests ask us about one of the best wines in Argentina we undoubtedly include a variety of Catena Zapata in their table. bodega_catena_zapata

Catena Zapata have long believed that every wine begins in the vineyard. In this spirit they began, in 1983, a pioneering research project into the microclimates of Mendoza, Argentina.

Through the planting of carefully selected clones in various vineyard sites, THEY were able to identify the ideal locations for premium wine vineyards.

Great wines begin in the vineyard…img_cosecha

Blending different varietals, different lots and even different vintages is an art as old as winemaking itself. In Bordeaux, the blending of the famous five – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec – is a centuries old art. Each component is thought to add a level of complexity to the wine. 

Over the past 20 years, Nicolás and Laura Catena and their vineyard management team have worked tirelessly in the discovery, identification and development of key microclimates in the high altitude wine country of Mendoza, Argentina. Nicolás Catena has planted an almost countless number of varietals and clones throughout his mountain vineyard sites.

Throughout years, Nicolas Catena discovered the influence altitude has on fruit quality. As one climbs the altitudes of the Andes the average temperature decreases and the amplitude between day and night temperatures increases. This environment provides the ideal climate for grape maturation.img_assemblage

The in depth study of different microclimates led Nicolás to determine that the same varietal, and even the same clone, presented distinct aromatic and flavor profiles when cultivated in each of these unique microclimates. Implementing the age old art of assemblage, he found that by blending these different lots of the same varietal, he could achieve a more complex wine.

As great artists tap their creative spirit to mix and match colors in the production of magnificent works of art, this wide array of distinct lot selections allows the winemaking team at Bodega Catena Zapata to engage in a creative, intricate process of blending in order to craft the final wine.49513816

Vineyard management team has also made significant discoveries into the effects of irrigation on quality. Through the careful use of irrigation, they are able to manipulate the growth tendencies of each vine, forcing them to direct their resources to the maturation of a limited number of clusters. The extremely low rainfall in Mendoza allows them to take full advantage of controlled irrigation.

One of the most rewarding projects has been the 1989 restoration of Angélica, a 60 year old Malbec vineyard in Lunlunta. Malbec, which was Nicolás’ father Domingo’s favorite varietal, flourishes in Argentina as nowhere else in the world.

This Bodega has an incredible history of commitment and passion for their vineyards. So if you are planning to visit Mendoza, do not miss the awesome experience of Catena Wines.

Pablo Aguiló

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Vines of Mendoza

They say it started with a bold vision and a crazy dream.

In 2005, Pablo Gimenez Riili and Michael Evans recognized the world-class potential of Mendoza’s Uco Valley and invested in 250 acres of land. Their purpose: to bring the dream of owning a vineyard and making your very own premium quality wine to reality. The Vines of Mendoza has since sold Private Vineyards to more than 130 owners from around the globe, expanded the property to 1,500 acres and established the highest quality winemaking enterprise in the region. Each step of the way has been a labor of love and we enjoy nothing more than to share the fruits of our labor with yovines2u. We welcome visitors to our Mendoza City and Uco Valley Tasting Rooms where we showcase the best of Argentine boutique wines, including our own Recuerdo brand. 

A place not easily found, The Vines of Mendoza is even harder to leave. Our guests feel its magnetic pull. To share the best of Mendoza with even more travelers from around the world, we’ve created The Vines Resort & Spa. Offering laid-back luxury at the base of the majestic Andes Mountains, it’s the ultimate retreat for wine lovers and outdoor adventurers. We believe in treating guests like old friends and go out of our way to make sure you experience the very best of our region. 

The perfect blend of rustic elegance and modern comfort, the Resort features spacious private Villas, a luxurious Spa, world-class service, and breathtaking views of the Andes at every turn. Legendary Argentine chef Francis Mallmann serves up inspired regional fare and traditional asado feasts at our signature restaurant, Siete Fuegos.
slideshow-3In our vineyards, you can harvest grapes or make your own custom wine, working side-by-side with world-renowned consultant winemaker Santiago Achával. As our guest, you may find yourself exploring the rugged countryside by horseback, saluting 300 days of sunshine in a yoga class, taking a fly fishing excursion on the Rio Mendoza, stargazing from your private deck, or even blending your own Malbec. Along the way, we’ll share the warmth and magic of Argentina with you like only a local can.

Stop by and find out why the New York Times recently called The Vines of Mendoza’s Tasting Room a best first stop for learning about Mendoza and its wines. It is the only place in Mendoza city where wine enthusiasts can enjoy flights and by-the-glass tastings of the 100 very best Argentine wines; it’s like visiting 50 of the best Argentine boutique wineries without leaving the city. We’ve brought together the best of the region for you.


Each tasting includes a thorough and personal education about of the wines from our Wine Specialists. If you’d like to get a bit more hands-on and make wine with us, you can blend your own wine with one of our experts in our state-of-the-art blending lab, and even take the bottle with you to share to your friends. 

Conde Nast Hot List 2014 — “You can even play winemaker by purchasing a plot of land on-site whose cultivation is overseen by the resort’s agronomist. What better excuse to keep coming back?”


Pointer Wingshooting invites you to this amazing experience of enjoying wines.

Pablo Aguiló
Pointer Wingshooting.

Dove hunting + Luxury wine tours

After your hunt with Pointer Wingshooting, enjoy 6 full days Wine tour in Mendoza .

We suggest  to stay the first 2 days in Mendoza city at the  Park Hyatt Resort  and 4 days at the  renowned Uco Valley winemaking region, nestled at the base of the majestic Andes Mountains, 1.5 hours from Mendoza city.


Tour Description

Day 1

Reception at the airport of Mendoza City. Transfer to Park Hyatt  Resort.

At the time to be arranged and accompanied by our host, an experienced guide-sommelier, you will visit the first selected winery on this exciting wine tour:  We will have lunch at the restaurant, located on the terrace,. While enjoying a delicious gourmet menu we can admire the hundreds of acres of vineyards that surround it, framed by the Andes. After enjoying our food, we will be accompanied  through the vineyards and the wine cellar to finish the tour with their special and famous tastings.

In the evening we will transport you to your accommodation.

 Day 2

Transport to the winemaking oasis, the Central Wine Region of Mendoza, famous for its elegant Malbec and prestigious red wines. Here there are 100-year-old wineries mixed in with modern projects and high-end gastronomy. We will visit three well-known wineries in Luján de Cuyo. Taste wines while our sommelier will instruct us on how to correctly perform a wine tasting. Also, he will inform us about Argentinean wines, the conduction and irrigation systems and the elaboration process from the moment of harvest until the wine, after an extensive aging in tanks, oak barrels and then bottles which are carefully stored in the cellars, is ready for consumption, resulting in pure harmonious wines with great character and body. As an expert sommelier, our host will also provide us with techniques for proper wine tasting and successful pairing. Lunch at one of the wineries selected for the tour. Return to your accommodations in the afternoon.

If you want we can arrange a down town citytour and dinner at a nice restaurant with tango show.   

Some of the Wineries you can choose to visit in Lujan de Cuyo and Maipu are:

*Catena Zapata9487000_1213990

*Luigi Bosca



*Dante Robino




Day 3

Pick you up at Park Hyatt Mendoza and transfer to Uco Valley, home of the greatest wines and one of the most beautiful and special places on the planet.  A perfect combination of: high desert, vineyards, and  mountains.

Get to The Vines Resort and Spavinesresort

 After 2 days of visiting wineries we suggest to take this day to relax and enjoy what “The vines Resort and Spa” has to offer.  Make yourself time to enjoy your villa, to choose  your favorite spot on the outdoor deck and start dreaming about that first glass of wine today. The journey  can start with  a fabulous and very slow lunch,  taking the first views of the Andes or jumping into the pool.

Post siesta – maybe head to the spa for a massage or just sit by the pool with a good book  or maybe Time for biking through the vineyards.

Head to Siete Fuegos for your first “grilling heaven” and a great bottle of wine.   But save room for the Dulce de Leche ice cream (our suggestion:  take it outside to watch the stars or inside by the fire)

 Day 4

Waking up for sunrise is an absolute must.

Alternatively – get up at 5am to go for a sunrise horse-ride into the Andes – crest a peak just in time to see the sun come up and the Andes explode in colors. 

For this day,  we’d suggest a tour of the resort and getting to know the 1500 acres of vineyards that surround it.

You can also start the day off riding horses through its Private Vineyards, stopping along the way to get their hands dirty with our farming team, and then end up at their Winery where they’ll be able to meet our winemaking team, taste wines from the barrel, and blend their own wine – a really fun activity. 

Maybe try your very first wineries in Uco Valley without leaving the resort: Gimenez Riili, Super Uco. or Corazón del Sol

 Then there is an important decision: big lunch at a winery (Gimenez Riili) or something quick at the pool bar and then on to more wineries for tasting

Siesta! After getting up early, you deserve this great Argentine tradition.

As the sun starts to set, head back and change for dinner but come back to the pool for sunset with a Gin & Tonic made from local Gin “Principe de los Apóstoles” scented with mate, something vinesresort1unique.  Share a few stories of the adventures of the day while dining as locals do: two good Empanadas Mendocinas and a few more glasses of Malbec at the bar.  Simple & elegant.  Uco Valley Style.

 Day  5

 As you start feeling like a wine expert, its time for Winery touring in the area.  We would recommend leaving around 10am and visiting these very unique wineries: Salentein, the pioneers in Uco Valley, also featuring Killka, their art collection. Then another big decision to make: having the great 6 course tasting lunch at Andeluna or La Azul, probably the smallest winery you will ever visit and the warmest hearts on their fabulous team.

 If feeling even more adventurous, head a little bit higher to Atamisque, and enjoy their fresh trout menu, one of the rare occasion in which you will be able to choose something else than great beef!

​ Head back to your villa around 5pm, still plenty of time to prepare for another amazing sunset.

Head back to Siete Fuegos (time to order all pending items on the menu on your first night) or “conspire” with us to prepare a private dinner for two at the vineyards (private chef cooking for your in a very unique spot, something you will always remember…)
Time to be grateful… 

  Day 6

Another day to relax and enjoy in the resort. These are the options:

Relax in your Villa: Enjoy the comfort of the rooms offer its cutting edge design, equipped with the latest technology, the wonderful view of the decks, the fireplace and the hearth of the terraces.

Running and walking among the vineyards: Their farm team designed a circuit to run or walk enjoying the magic of the vineyards while we exercise. It has a 5 km adapted to this activity.

Bike Tour: Combine two wonderful activities, enjoy a bike ride of more than 600 ha. 

Horseback riding: Make a stunning ride  of over 650 acres, tour their vineyards located at the foot of the Andes.

Yoga: Stretch out at a yoga class while looking out onto a beautiful view of our vineyards and the Andes. 

Pool/Jacuzzi: Enjoy the heated pool and pool bar.  Relax in the fabulous Jacuzzi surrounded by vineyards and lake.

Gym: With the latest technology machines, breathtaking scenery of vineyards and mountains and ultramodern architecture, the gym is the perfect spot for lovers of sport and physical activity instead . It has tv and music for your entertainment. Open 24 hours.

Climbing wall: For those who enjoy the adrenaline and the outdoors.


Depending on your departure time, you may add one more light lunch outside and the last picture of the fabulous Andes.

Transfer to the Airport.

We hope you can enjoy this wonderful trip.

Pablo Aguiló

Pointer Wingshooting.