Duck Hunting in Argentina

For waterfowl hunters, Argentina is the ultimate option. The population of ducks is very large and the variety of species that you can find in this area is so vast that it makes this outdoor sport unique. These are some of the species you can find in Argentina.

Ringed Teal Duck

Ringed Teal

Ringed teal have strong, pointed claws on their feet and so can readily perch in trees. They have beautiful iridescent greenish plumage patterns, especially on the wings. They may be distinguished by a white patch in front of the green speculum.

-Brazilian Teal Duck


Light brown in colour. Brazilian Teal live in pairs or in small groups of up to twenty birds. They eat seeds, fruits, roots and insects.

-Speckled Teal Duck

Speckled Teal Duck

It inhabits freshwater wetlands, preferring palustrine habitat to rivers. The Speckled Teal has a black speckled light-brown head and neck, dark-brown eyes and a yellow beak.

-Silver Teal Duck

Silver Teal Duck

It has a black cap which extends to just below the dark-brown eyes, black nape and a whitish lower face and throat. It lives on fresh water in small groups, and feeds primarily on vegetable matter such as seeds and aquatic plants.

Of course, these are just a few species. In argentina there are more than 20 species of ducks you can hunt. For a duck hunting trip, we offer you amazing accommodations at San Javier lodge.

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Duck Hunting

duck hunting

Our hunts take place along San Javier River, in the province of Santa Fé, where the Paraná Delta, the rice fields and the lakes come together, making of this an authentic paradise for more than twenty species of ducks that inhabit here or migrate to these wonderful lands of South America.

A typical day begins early in the morning, since it is very important to be ready at the shooting place before dawn.

After a delicious breakfast, we go to the coast with the staff, where comfortable boats wait for us. We sail under the stars through the Delta’s water enjoying the wind in our faces and excited about the great adventure. In this last opportunity, the James family joined us: father and son, both very good hunters. They used semiautomatic shotguns, caliber 20, Beretta brand, Urika 391 model. The shotguns show great loyalty since they didn’t jam at no time, which usually happens at dove hunting because of the large volume of shooting.

When we reach the shooting area, the mechanical decoys start to work and the flocks start to show against the wind. Each position is placed strategically. We have one guide and two hunters in each position, and our friends from image and video also working very hard and in absolute silence.

We had a great two hours of intensive action. After each hunter made his quota and every piece are collected, we go back to the warm lodge in the boat. At the dock, Ricardo waits for us with our customers’ favorite drink: gin tonic for everyone. At the lodge, we have a delicious appetizer and a fine wine to accompany during lunch.

When the afternoon begins to show and everything is ready to continue with another unforgettable shooting session, we go out again looking for more ducks in the branches of San Javier River. With everyone in position, the rock and roll starts and for a while we are all excited with the action and the birds coming down to the decoys. Our friends are very good shooters, and they also get a couple of long shoots passing through. After the action with the sun starting to hide, and after finishing a wonderful day, we pick up the ducks and go back to the lodge to drink an ice-cold beer and serve our guests with our menu’s specialties and excellent Malbec Argentinean wine, specially chosen by Pointer Wingshooting.

My Best,

Martin Andrada

Head Guide