La Cabaña grill restaurant

la_cabanaLa Cabaña is the most traditional restaurant in Buenos Aires. Established in 1935, it serves the best Argentine beef on the grill accompanied by excellent wine, a menu that turned La Cabaña into a source of inspiration for local cooking and that has been widely replicated all over the town.

It has already been 75 years of excellence and La Cabaña continues to deliver its services in a singular atmosphere where original style and tradition are still on. They invite you to enjoy any of their grilled beef cuts and, if you are willing to wait for an hour, you can have a unique experience tasting our classic “Great Baby Beef” – we suggest you do, savoring a glass of wine and in nice company.

You do not get to know the purest Argentine cuisine without visiting La Cabaña restaurant.


l_19_la-caba-a4On September 14th, 1935 Francisco Lapietra opened his restaurant on 400 Entre Ríos Avenue. It was a large Norman-style room seating 450 diners and a private dining room that accommodated 60 people on the first floor. Two stuffed Hereford cows at the restaurant entrance stood as the perfect photo op for tourists who believed that the animals´ tails were lucky charms to be touched. The restaurant had a six-meter window with three rows of half carcasses hanging from hooks, with Aberdeen Angus at the top, Hereford in the middle and Shorthorn at the bottom, so that guests were free to pick the cut they preferred.
The restaurant was an immediate success for two types of clientele: those who were looking for a quiet family dinner and those who arrived at late hours after a night out. The relaxed atmosphere and the icon dish on the menu, the 
“Delicioso Bife de Chorizo” – Delicious Sirloin Strip Steak – lured people to return time and again.
The restaurant´s guestbook includes the names of the main figures of the 20th century going from Louis Armstrong, Fidel Castro and Charles de Gaulle to Sophia Loren and Charlton Heston. 

It closed its doors in 1996 and remained so until it was acquired by Orient Express Hotels, a chain of luxury hotels, trains and cruises that reopened it in the exclusive area of Recoleta. Some years later, the restaurant returned to the hands of Argentine owners who have relocated it in the heart of the top restaurant area in Buenos Aires giving it back the cherished essence of the original LA CABAÑA. As it could not have been otherwise, the landscape of La Cabaña includes the Luna Park, Corrientes Avenue and, far back, the Obelisk as well as the lights and modern atmosphere of Puerto Madero. That is exactly the point: renewed passion for our cuisine combined with the best of our history to be continued…


top_clases_cocinaThe menu shows the best of modern traditional Argentine cuisine where the grill plays a leading role. All beef cuts are carefully selected by the chef.

Special mention should be made to the Kobe beef in the menu. Considered by experts as one of the best beef all over the world, Kobe beef is renowned for its flavor, juice and tenderness resulting from the marbled texture of Wagyu cattle and the distinctive feeding techniques applied throughout the life of the animal.

Wine Tastings

top_degustacionWine tasting sessions take place 1 hour before lunch or dinner at the restaurant. These sessions are hosted by a sommelier who describes the virtues of each wine region and, also, the strong points of each grape variety grown in our country.

The wines participating in these tasting sessions – included in the menu- are the most representative of Argentina. Additional information on the wine and grape varieties tasted is provided together with the stores where you can buy the products.


La Cabaña is located in the prestigious district of Puerto Madero, a recently revamped posh area in Buenos Aires next to the Colón Opera House, the financial district and the famous Obelisk.


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Tarquino Restaurante

In Recoleta, through the leadership of Dante Liporace, Tarquino launches a new phase that will start a varietable revolution in the modern cuisine of Argentina. Tucked away on a quiet block in a chic neighborhood and part of the boutique Hub Porteño hotel, Tarquino is the prime example of this trend.TARQUINO

About a year ago, Recoleta district began to recover the importance and gastronomic level it used to have some decades ago. The renowned chef, Dante Liporace, of great international standing (Maskana, Las Margas Spain together with Pedro Subijana, elBulli on two occasions, chosen as Argentine representative before Girona and Mistura Gastronomic Forum, among others) inaugurated Tarquino restaurant.descarga

dip the bread…



Vegetables, cornalitos, octopus crunch.

Squid pasta, oyster and bacon tartar.

Fillet steak, garlic mash, tempura potato with ginger, algae tapenade, 

chimichurri dust.tarquino_8974_2A

Suckling pig, curry granola, spicy ice-cream, prawn, ketchup.

Lemon flan, white chocolate, red berries.

Seven-course tasting menu with standard and premium pairing.

Cow Sequence

Brain brioche with ossobuco jus

Braised beef cheeks and the three pepperstarquinovacio


Pastrami and tartar

Pizza-style fillet

Asado candy

Tail and Gin Toric

Milk time

A selection from a wine list of more than 200 picks, mostly local choices, rounds out the meal, and the service proves itself to be doting without being overly formal.” The New York Times (2013)

There is little more to be said after such important critics. Your pass through Buenos Aires could not be completed if you do not visit Tarquino Restaurant.

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Cabañas Las Lilas

Logo La Cabaña de las LilasCabaña Las Lilas, located in the heart of Puerto Madero, is a restaurant that combines the tradition of Argentinean meat with Brazilian warmth and hospitality. The venue was established in 1995 in a joint venture between Belarmino Fernández Iglesias, owner of the well-known restaurant chain Rubaiyat in São Paulo, and Estancias y Cabaña Las Lilas S.A., a 4th generation family business specializing in the breeding of the best livestock in Argentina and the Americas.

The selection of the best raw material, together with an impeccable service, has turned Cabaña Las Lilas into a world-class restaurant visited by the most demanding gastronomes. The prestigious American newspaper “The New York Times” has even named it as one of the 10 best restaurants worldwide. Distinguished continuously since 2007 with the wine spectator award.

Our Meats

Our exceptional meat, well-known for its juiciness, tastiness and tenderness, is the result of more than 80 years of meticulous production of, evaluation of, and grass selection of the best variety in the heart of the country and in Mercosur for the five leading breeds: Black and Red Angus, Polled and Horned Hereford, Black and Red Brangus, Braford and Brahman.slide02

Among our dishes guests can found: home breads and starters, meats, fishes and seafood, cold dishes, salads and accompaniments, dessertsand a well designed list of wines.

If you are visiting Buenos Aires, Las Lilas is a compulsory visit. The best Argentinian meat.

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Cordoba Doves Mystery

When Luis had contacted us about a dove hunt in April, we knew it would be a challenge. This last season the crops have been delayed because farmers had planted them later. That makes a high difference in dove’s behavior this season. Probably the issue that we have 20 inches of rain in 2 months affected also they behavior. We normally have 20 inches all year round.

More Info

The issue was that this March & April season was very unpredictable. Most of the outfitters had problems hunting this year because of the bird’s new behavior; and we are proud to say that after searching for doves three times more than regular we finally had the key for great hunts with our big group from Laredo, Texas.

By the time Luis and his friends landed in Cordoba the birds were no longer in Macha valley.  We picked them up at the airport one morning and we were all ready for 5 days of hunt in Cordoba. I had a feeling that we would have a great time, but honestly talking I had not seen the fields that the head guide Martin and his field guide Federico had chosen; but I trusted their experience 100% percent. The first day we drove like one hour and a half direct to the field, and we arrived in a moment of the day (it was noon) when birds are not normally in the sky.IMG_GR_testimonials1429562688

We did some warm up shoots and we have lunch in the field, as we always like to do. I was very confident about a great hunt because we were able to see some birds in the sorghum filed on our arrival, but it was not till 4pm when the sky became black of doves. We couldn’t believe it; it was amazing and we told our friends to smoke their shoulders and shoot as many birds as they were able to. Luis son made the biggest bag that first day, and he would be the biggest bag for the whole trip either. Alex is a great shooter too. It is a big pleasure to see him in action.IMG_GR_testimonials1429562592

We have been shooting all 12 gauges shotguns mostly Browning 725, Krieghoff  K80, Browning Cynergy, Browning 525 and Blaser F3. Our shells were local brand RD and ammunition # was 7 or 7 and a half; there was not a single issue with the shot guns, and we had clean the completely every day as we always do.

We have also shot with them in a great corn field and close by to an amazing roosting IMG_GR_testimonials1429563669area. With this group we have the surprise to see a burn full of doves in the roof like we have never seen before. The hunt logistics was complicated by a bridge that had fall down in road number 9, between Totoral and Las Peñas; but was not a bigger issue for our friends. We have found great fields despite that problem.

The total number of doves for the group was over 16,000 thousands birds, which made the trip amazing besides Alex did his own record on birds and shells.

In our next report we will tell you about the pigeon hunt we have done with our friends in which all of our guests were able to get the limit. We were extremely happy and surprised with this hunt we have done, and we are expecting to repeat it soon.

Pablo Aguilo


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Dove Skewer

Cordoba has the best dove hunting all over the world, since there is more than a million doves flying and alighting over the northern area of the province. There is no other place in the world where you can live this experience: a 5 stars dove hunting.

Argentina is known across the world for the quality of its wines and meats. Placed in the livestock heart of Argentina, POINTER WINGSHOOTING has access to the highest quality of meat in Cordoba. You can enjoy the best barbecues at lunch or dinner. Our meals are delicious; they have the perfect balance between simplicity and quality, mixed with a gourmet touch, such as our exquisite Dove Skewer. This is one of the most famous dishes among our guests. We enjoy this meal every day at lunch in the field barbecues.BROCHET 1

The skewer is one of the most expected dishes in the field because it is prepared with the doves hunted by our guests that morning. It is really amazing.

The flavor obtained through the mixture of dove breast with onion and fresh peppers of the area is delicious. Even more delicious could it be if we accompany it with a good malbec Argentinian wine


The spicy option could be with Chile Chipotle or Chile Habanero, which are sliced and then wrapped to the dove breast. Then we put them in a wood skewer which helps to the display. These skewers are cooked over a grill and not over the fire/flames. The cooking time is important since it not only loses proteins but also taste.BROCHET 3

If you have already been in Cordoba you know what we are talking about, but if you are planning to come this season we will be waiting for you with this wonderful meal.

You should be the next one

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The Best Red Wine in the World is Argentine!

Familia Binachi Malbec Reserve

San Rafael Vineyard, Mendoza

San Rafael Vineyard, Mendoza

For the first time in the viticulture history of our country, an Argentine wine received the maximum award for “Best Red Wine in the World” in the prestigious competition “Vinalies Internationales”.


Famiglia Bianchi Reserve Malbec 2012 was elbaorated by Casa Bianchi cellar in San Rafeal, Mendoza. The luscious, intense fruit aromas that hint of ripe plumbs, cherries and berries give an initial indication of why this variety is so highly recommended. The flavors are similar to the aromas with a mouth feel of a massive presence but at the same time soft and silki.


You can enjoy this wine and many others with us. Imagine yourself sitting near a fireplace with a glass of Malbec wine after an intensive full hunting day…Priceless!  We have a selected option of malbec and cabernet sauvignon, which are perfect to enjoy with red meat and with our famous barbecues.

More information about us:

Michel Rolland

Michel Roland, 66 years old

Michel Roland, 66 years old

Michel Rolland is an influential Bordeaux-based oenologist, with hundreds of clients across 13 countries and influencing wine style around the world. He works with serious producers in just about every major wine-making region on the globe, including Argentina.

In 1988, Dany and Michel Rolland were asked to be consultants to one of the oldest families in the valley of Calchaqui. There they discovered Cafayate, a true paradise for viticulture in the north-west of Argentina and they fell in love with the country, its culture, traditions and its people.

Calchaqui valley

Calchaqui valley

These French wine consultants were convinced that unique, outstanding wines could be produced in this mountain region of the Andes foothills. Dany and Michel decided to put all their passion and savoir-faire to work with their Argentinean friends to produce the wine called Yacochuya.


Yacochuya is a 100% Malbec wine that is aged 18 to 24 months in new French oak barrels.

-Color: deep garnet-red

-Nose: meaty, toasted oak, leather with hints of dried currant

-Palate: well crafted, great balance in the aromatic array which unwinds harmoniously right up to the finish, then the tannis appear before giving way to liquorice aromas that linger on a refreshing finish.

Have you try this wine before? I suggest you to pair Yacochuya with roasted lamb, or pasta with mushroom sausage.