A Trip of a Lifetime

My phone says it’s time to start a new day. The outside temperature is very warm, which is a prediction for a beautiful day. This time, we have an amazing group of four people, two lovely couples; Gary and Kimber, and Jordan and Kiera.




So, as the day starts, our guests had an early breakfast to start the day the best way possible. They decided to stay at Jesus Maria Deluxe Resort, a place where every guest feels at home.

Once they finished this amazing breakfast, Gary and Jordan prepared everything they needed to go straight to the field, and us, we have our shotguns, cartridges, camping equipment and everything ready for a great day.

Kiera and Kimber, in the other hand, were non hunters, so for them we had prepared many different activities to enjoy their trip in Cordoba.




Talking about our non-hunting activities, we can mention activities from horseback riding to a spa day, going through museum visits, Shopping center visits, wine tasting, and many other things Cordoba has to offer and that you can chose from, depending on your likes.

If you would like to get to know this amazing city, let me tell you a bit of what a City Tour in Cordoba looks like. First we would visit Plaza San Martín & surrounding areas; Cordoba’s central square. Its western side is dominated by the white arcade of the restored Cabildo and close to it there is the architecturally impressive Catedral.

Then, we would continue with the Córdoba’s magestic Manzana Jesuitica. The Jesuit block contains the core buildings of the Jesuit system: the university, the church and residence of the Society of Jesus, and the college. In this area we can also visit some stores or boutiques where you can find our well known leather, nice souvenirs and silver crafts.

After visiting the museums, we are ready to have lunch in a traditional restaurant in the area, preparing ourselves for the one and only Paseo del Buen Pastor and Sacred Coeur Church. There are a couple of hip cafe-bars in the central patio area where you can kick back with an Appletini or two. The attached chapel (which has been desanctified) hosts regular live-music performances to finish a nice afternoon.




We would also go to the city’s best contemporary art museums: The Emilio Caraffa Museum, and Palacio Ferreyra Museum. There you will enjoy paintings, sculptures and a Beaux-Arts mansion designed by French architect Ernest Sanson and built between 1912 and 1916 for Dr. Martín Ferreyra.

Finally, ten blocks away from the Córdoba urban historical shell, we get deep into the renowned Bohemian neighborhood called Güemes to visit Paseo de las Artes (artisan flea market).This area is a meeting place and a hot tourist spot that grows constantly.

So, going back to the hunters now, around 8:30 Gary and Jordan are ready to take the field. This time, we are taking them to a place that is less than 30 minutes away from the lodge. As usual, we are taking them on our comfortable toyotas trucks.




As soon as we arrived, the field assistants are waiting for us. The field is full of doves everywhere and, after five minutes of having started the hunting, I hear the first shot. “Buenoooo” screams the assistant.

From what I can here, they are already having a great time, but now, it’s the time to check if each of our new friends is in a good shooting place.

In terms of shotguns, we like recommending Benelli Montefeltro cal 20 since this are amazing machines that work perfectly for dove shooting. Our guest are very happy about them because the shotguns itself and the cartridges worked very well, and they are happy about the manners of our field assistants and how professional they are, always taking care of every detail.

A couple of hours later, I received the first shooter in the tent. Federico, our chef, is ready to receive him with a glass of wine and a special appetizer, which in this case is a bunch of tasty pigeons prepared as a Taco with a traditional chimichurri sauce or well-known as chimichanga.




After all our guests are at the table, lunchtime started with some fresh pigeon wrapped in bacon onion and peppers, and following, we have some ribs, flank steak, pork, and other meat cuts grilled, and all together making the one and only argentinean Asado, accompanied of course, with Malbec wine.
After lunch, we like preparing the hammocks for a quick nap before the afternoon hunt. Meanwhile, Francisco and Emanuel, the assistants, are checking new positions for the afternoon hunt.

In October, the weather is very good as we are in the spring time, so we have a very pleasant temperature. At 2:30 pm we have the first doves flying, which means it’s time to start.
Our field assistants with each shotgun clean and ready, are already positioned to guide our clients to the shooting area.
After an amazing day of shooting, at 5.45 pm, and after picking up everything they needed, our guest were good to go.
Returning to the lodge, I remember listening to them talking about the memories of the day, happy about every single dove they killed.

Once they arrived to the lodge, the host and their wives were waiting for them to enjoy some appetizers before dinner and, of course, a massage session to ease the shoulders.
Now, knowing that customers are safe in the hands of our chef and staff, I will leave the lodge and prepare everything for another day.

I hope to see you again soon !

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters


Dancing with Doves

The protagonists of this adventure were Mike and his son Wind, and Howard and his sons Andrew and Adam. This amazing group came from Arkansas.


I met the Johnsons and the Wiecherns back on the lodge after their second day hunting and I must say that they all had a great smile on their faces when they get off from the van. It could only mean that the trip has started in the best way possible: anincredible dove shooting.

On the third day the fathers’ and sons’ group decided to take a break of so much shooting and I accompanied them through a city tour in Cordoba. They spent a great day going around our South American culture.


If you would like to get to know this amazing city, let me tell you a bit of what a City Tour in Cordoba looks like. First we would visit Plaza San Martín & surrounding areas; Cordoba’s cen-tral square. Its western side is dominated by the white arcade of the restored Cabildo and close to it there is the architecturally impressive Catedral.

Then, we would continue with the Córdoba’s magestic Manzana Jesuitica. The Jesuit block contains the core buildings of the Jesuit system: the university, the church and residence of the Society of Jesus, and the college.


In this area we can also visit some stores or boutiques where you can find our well known leather, nice souvenirs and silver crafts.

After visiting the museums, we are ready to have lunch in a traditional restaurant in the area, pre-paring ourselves for the one and only Paseo del Buen Pastor and Sacred Coeur Church. There are a couple of hip cafe-bars in the central patio area where you can kick back with an Appletini or two. The attached chapel (which has been desanctified) hosts regular live-music performances to finish a nice afternoon.


We would also go to the city’s best contemporary art museums: The Emilio Caraffa Museum, and Palacio Ferreyra Museum. There you will enjoy paintings, sculptures and a Beaux-Arts mansion de-signed by French architect Ernest Sanson and built between 1912 and 1916 for Dr. Martín Ferreyra.

Finally, ten blocks away from the Córdoba urban historical shell, we get deep into the renowned Bohemian neighborhood called Güemes to visit Paseo de las Artes (artisan flea market).This area is a meeting place and a hot tourist spot that grows constantly

In this case, I decided to start the tour a bit different than how we are used to doing it.


First we visited the old winery “La Caroyense”, located in the town of Colonia Caroya just 48 km on the road to the City of Cordoba and fully integrated into the Argentine enological-tourist circuit; there they tried several types of local wine and Mike decided to take with him a box of the premium production. Lunch time! The best Italian restaurant in the city was waiting for us with pasta and pizza, and Andrew enjoyed eating both at the same time! After lunch they walked through the streets of Cordoba to get to the cathedral in the central square, and then right to the shopping mall. To end the tour and before getting back to the lodge, the flea market receives us with dozens of stands where they bought beautiful handmade jewelry to the artisans.

The day was over so we arrived at Plaza Real Lodge for a relaxing shower and a delightful dinner, ready for another day of dove shooting.


I had the pleasure to spend some great days with these two families. I must say that these gentlemen made me feel really comfortable and we all had lots of fun together.

I hope to see them again soon!


Florencia Pezzollo

Operation manager & host

Pointer Outfitters.


Buenos Aires City Tour

Buenos Aires is an astonishing metropolis that looks a bit like Europe, but with an edgy Latin American twist. Glamorous and gritty, this is a very special place, beautiful in its own unique way, resilient and creative, it’s the kind of city traveler’s fall in love with.


Discover the beauty and magic of Buenos Aires.You will get passionate about football, tango and delicious food in the fascinating Buenos Aires.


ba2Tango is a cultural artifact that both, defines and is defined by a country. Tango was born and grew up here, it has a huge cultural significance. Merging African music and dance such as the camdombe with European counterparts, a distinctive melodic style emerged in working class barrios of Buenos Aires.

It is not only a dance; it is a culture with its rules, codes, politics, and its drama. Tango is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle.

The melody shifts between joyful and melancholy, and it is for sure very sexy. Passion is at the core of the music, between the grasp of dancing couples, and this music’s sharp notes .

On any night in Buenos Aires you can find a Tango hall filled with people sitting around the dance floor, drinking their wine or champagne watching, and being watched.


If tango tops your must-do list, we would encourage you to start by seeing a tango show, nothing beats the highly choreographed and stunningly performed tango shows that take place in some of Buenos Aires’ grandest theaters and restaurants. There is also street tango. The most typical spots are well-known places like Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo or along El Caminito in La Boca.

You should also stop by a milonga. Watching tango is all well and good, but wouldn’t you rather get involved? Go to a Milonga and leanr some steps. Private and group lessons are available everywhere.

Argentinian Cuisine:

A trip to Argentina is the perfect opportunity to indulge in some serious feasting – including sampling some of the country’s legendary steak.


If there is anything that Argentina is known for world-wide, it’s their meat. Don’t leave Argentina without trying its popular Asado. Also known as parrillada.This is the national dish. Expect to find beef, pork, ribs, sausages, blood sausages, and sweetbreads hot off the fire.  Asados are a favorite national pastime, bringing friends, families, neighbors, and coworkers together to indulge in the mouthwatering perfection of the Argentine steak.

There is hundred of steakhouses in Buenos Aires, you should enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in one of those and try out the best meat of the world.

Traditional Argentinean food is famous around the world for its simple robust flavors. And one of the most delicious and simple meals are the empanadas. Empanadas are traditional stuffed pastries , there is a lot of kinds: ground beef, cubed beef, chicken, ham and cheese, ham and onion, spinach. They can be eaten at any time, as a snack or as a whole meal. In Argentina they are commonly served at celebrations as they can be eaten easily by hand without too much mess. There are too many types of empanadas that differ in the cooking techniques.

And if you are desiring an snack we would say that the traditional Alfajores are an exquisite choice. Alfajores  are crumbly shortbread-like biscuits sandwiching jams, mousses or dulce de leche. Akin to their national cookie, Argentines indulge in these cylindrical biscuits at breakfast, dessert, and throughout the day and across the country. 


In buenos aires you will find numerous deluxe restaurants for you to try out our appetizing cuisine.


Argentina’s national game is fútbol (soccer).  The Argentinian national team has become one of the best in the world . With soccer players like Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi , idolized as national heroes ,and a string of international victories, For Argentines soccer is more than just a game .

Here you’ll find some of the world’s most fervent soccer fans and spectacular club rivalries. In the streets, you may hear “Boca or River?” on the day of a fútbol game between the Boca Juniors and the River Plate team. A soccer team here isn’t just about sport, it’s a social identity.


Attending a football (futbol) game in Argentina is a unique experience and even the smallest of league fixtures will draw huge crowds and leave your ears ringing with enthusiastic football chants and pounding drums.

The most popular games are in Buenos Aires where the local teams play at the iconic El Monumental and La Bombonera grounds and stadium tours are a popular way to explore behind-the-scenes, visiting the locker rooms and VIP areas, and walking the pitch before kick-off. 

Here there is a simple of how a City tour in Buenos Aires could go :


We start our tour in Plaza de Mayo, in the very center of Buenos Aires. This historic square is surrounded by the Presidential Palace (Pink House), the Cabildo (Town Hall) and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

We have our lunch stop in the famous Tortoni cafe, where many of Buenos Aires intellectuals and artists, including the unforgettable Jorge Luis Borges, left a trace.

After lunch, we immerse in the coming and going of white-collar workers, walking along Florida Street, where you can also enjoy some shopping in a district famous for its leather and woolen goods. And as we reach the 9 de Julio Avenue, you can enjoy the views of the widest avenue of the world and, of course, the Obelisk.

During the afternoon, we visit the youngest, water-front neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero, where a marina was built, and restaurants and shops were opened in the old brick warehouses. Crossing the iconic Women’s Bridge, we will enjoy the calming contrast to the bustle of the city center.

Finally, after an intense day, we sit back and have some drinks at the Faena Hotel’s Library Lounge, right in the former docklands of Puerto Madero.


If you are interested in the Argentinian colonial period, we can either visit the Cabildo Museum or do the Manzana de las Luces Tour, to get a glimpse of the independence history.

For the open-air activities fans, we can visit the Fragata Sarmiento Tour in Puerto Madero or the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve.


We start the day with a visit to the Japanese Garden, the largest in the world. The tea ceremony, bonsai making activities, and kimonos and yukatas exhibitions will make of this visit an express trip to the ancient Oriental culture.

And just next to the Japanese Garden, we find the Tres de Febrero Park, with 25 hectares of woods, dense vegetation and more than 14,000 rose bushes. This visit guarantees great shots in the Andalucian patio and the rose-covered gazebos.

Now in Recoleta, it’s time for the Recoleta Cemetery and the Our Lady of Pilar Church. With more than 90 crypts declared National Historical Monuments, this cemetery is definitely worth visiting. Let your creepy soul come out and discover the secrets and mysteries of Recoleta. The Barrocan temple, the second oldest building of Recoleta, is definitely a visit that completes the historical view of the neighborhood.

And, after an exhausting day, we sit back and enjoy a coffee at the luxourious La Biela cafe.

Finally, we set you free and let you choose between walking around France Square and its historical Crafts Market or, if you are interested in design and fashion, visiting Buenos Aires Design and the Recoleta Mall.


Following the green line, we can visit the Carlos Thays Botanical Garden, and get lost in the Roman, French and Oriental gardens and their numerous trees, plants, flowers and even works of art.

If you are an art lover, you can head directly to the MALBA Museum, where you’ll be
able to tour up and down the amazing permanent collections and surprising temporary exhibitions of the Latin American art of the 20th century, or be amazed by the National Museum of Fine Arts, which holds the largest public collection in Latin America. You will walk around breathtaking pieces of Rodin, El Greco, Rembrandt, Goya, Manet, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Degas and many more.


Enjoy the best asado argentino at Parrilla el Pobre Luis. If meat is not your thing, try the best vegetarian place in Buenos Aires, Hierbabuena. Just a tip: don’t miss the lemonade!

Spend a great evening out in the city! Try barhopping! We have tours in Palermo and San Telmo, depending on your location.

For an elegant and luxurious evening in Buenos Aires, the best choice is the Colón Theatre, a unique and unforgettable experience.


We start the tour in San Telmo, the colonial neighborhood, where you will find all kinds of art and antiques. The Dorrego Square is home to a great crafts fair and traditional bars andin the San Telmo Market, vintage clothes, second-hand products and fresh food and vegetables gather together for a perfect travel in time.

La Boca awaits for us in the southernmost point of the city to teach us all about the immigrants and the history of the city. And after enjoying the colorful houses in Caminito, tango moves, and more street art, we have a real porteño lunch in the classic El Obrerobodegón.


If you don’t want to leave Argentina without experiencing our football passion, or at least entering a stadium, Boca Juniors is just round the corner! Book your tour or ticket. (River Plate fans: don’t worry, we can organize a tour there too!)

Art is also present by the river: visit Proa Foundation for more 20th century art.

With its wide, European-style boulevards, incredible food, raucous nightlife, Buenos Aires is a city unlike any other.

Spa Day

A spa day can be an optimum plan for relaxation and revitalization. We all need to be pampered from time to time. This experience will make you feel completely renewed.


You can enjoy a session of relaxing massages while breathing the fresh air of the countryside, surrounded by the impressive landscape of surrounding mountains.

The swimming pool and the solarium are the perfect places to disconnect and escape for the day. There is a heavenly view of the Sierras of a Cordoba. You will also enjoy the sauna, jacuzzi and whirlpool in the most charming and hospitable atmosphere.


Here are a few great options to spend a day taking care of yourself.

Relaxing Massage

Getting a massage is probably one of the first things you think of when considering a day of pampering. It triggers a host of brain chemistry responses that can result in long lasting feelings of relaxation, lowered stress and improved mood.

You will get the choice of trying different methods such as aromatherapy massage, hot stone, shiatsu, back massage and a lot of more. After taking one of these you will see how easy, affordable, and beneficial a little pampering can be. 



Facial Massage

A facial will renew your skin and give you a healthy and youthful glow.

Facial treatments typically include deep cleansing, exfoliation, treatment products, and massage.In addition to being incredibly relaxing, facials help maintain the health of your skin to diminish the signs of aging, and help treat acne breakouts.

You’ll feel energized and ready to conquer everything you have to do with a new sense of renewal.

Beauty finger nails treatment

Manicures and pedicures can help give your hands and feet a youthful appearance by getting rid of dead skin and hangnails.

Nail technicians apply creams and oils to moisturize and nourish your skin and cuticles to help maintain young looking skin.

The spa is an ideal place to reflect on your life and focus on personal rediscovery, health, and healing. A little bit of time away, in the peace and quiet can do a world of good.

A sample itinerary for your Spa Day:

One of our team members will pick you up in the morning at about 8.30 am.

Then we drive about forty minutes to one of the nicest places to have a spa day “Jesus Maria Deluxe Resort”. There you have a morning full of massages and relaxing activities.


At lunch time you enjoy our Argentinian cuisine and great red wine at this amazing and comfortable place.spa7.jpg

After lunch you also have the option of a city tour in Jesus Maria, do some shopping and explore this scenic city.Or you can choose to get some more massages and enjoy the sauna and the swimming pool.

At about 5.30 pm we will go back at the lodge ready to meet the rest of the group that has been hunting.



Horseback riding

Horseback riding in Argentina plays a major role in Argentine history, the economy and folklore. It been the favourite way of getting around for ages and horseback riding is still the easiest way to get around on an estancia (ranch).


Along with these traditions, the Argentines have created their own subculture, which includes both breeding of horses and riding. It is no wonder that Argentina has the best polo players in the world and hosts some beautiful venues for horseback riding.


There are many interesting facts about the fantastic Argentinean horses.  Since the time they were brought from Europe during the Spanish conquests horses have played a major role in the people and culture of Argentina.

horse 2The horse is an essential part of cow herding by gauchos on the estancias. The most common breed of horse is the Criollo, the national horse of Argentina. The Criollo is a hardy horse with a brawny and strong body with broad chest and well-sprung ribs. They are tractable, intelligent, willing and sensible; the perfect horse on your perfect Argentinean horse riding journey.

A day at Ongamira Valley

horse 4A beautiful farm house, located in the heart of the Ongamira valley in the province of Córdoba, is waiting for you. There you will enjoy a delightful day riding horses. Surrounded by an extraordinary 2,300 hectare (5,689 acres) of natural environment, this place is ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy the view.  Whether horse- riding, walking or simply relaxing and enjoying the landscape from a quiet perch, the energy of the place transforms and rejuvenates the body and soul. You can choose the perfect program for you. There are short and easy ridies with a very low level of difficulty. This allows riders to get used to the horses to prepare for future longer rides. There are longer and more difficult rides for people with more experience with horses. There are also longer rides with medium-low difficulty for amateurs.

horse 3.jpg

Another great option is horse riding at night. The journey takes about three hours under the light of the moon. Ongamira is an amazing mix of nature and comfort that makes guests feel like home the moment they arrive. You will enjoy an amazing and unforgettable experience.

horse 6horse 5.jpg

A sample itinerary for your horseback riding day

horse 7.jpgWe leave the lodge about 8 -8.30 am. We then have a one hour drive on a very scenic road going up to the highlands of Cordoba where you will find beautiful areas for sightseeing and photography. Once we get to the riding lodge the manager and the horse riding guides will meet us. Then we will be introduced to the horses. Now we are ready to start the horse riding trip between hills, rocks, trees and pampas. After this trip we go back to the lodge for lunch time. We will enjoy some of the delicious dishes that our professional chef makes. Great food accompanied by exceptional red wine.

After lunch we take a break in this beautiful Estancia with an English style and get ready for another two hours of horse riding. At about 5.30 we go back to the Estancia where we prepared to return to the lodge. At the lodge the girls will be waiting for us with a couple of drinks and reception.

Celebrating Friendship

Michael, Mike, Jeff and Max are a group of fathers and sons from Huston, Texas, and they are in their first trip to Argentina wingshooting. Accompanied by Maidel, an incredible breakfast is waiting for them on their first day at the lodge.

IMG_6611 copia.jpg

Scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, juices and good coffee that our customers love to enjoy is everything you can ask for when you need to charge your batteries for a hunting day. You can tell that our guests are feeling very excited by the day we have ahead. It is going to be a great day with lots of piggeons and fun.

We started our day with our new friends in a place called La Para which has a feed lot and it is located 35km away from our lodge, Plaza Real. We got to the field at 8:45 am, watching some birds flying close to the feed lot. The biggest amount of doves was seen at 10:30 am, so that made us the morning because we could do more than 500 shots in just that one morning.

Weather was kind of unusual; some days were hot and then cludy, and some others, rainy.

IMG_6715 copia.jpg

Father and son were hunting together, which generated a really interesting competition between them. It was amazing to see how they were so into it, shooting and just having fun.

Everyone used semiautomatic shotguns Benelli cal 20, with choke number 4 because doves were flying really low in order to find some food.

Jeff were collecting some parrot’s feathers in his hat, wearing them in a really proud way.

After a really great morning, we went to the field camp to relax and wait for lunch.

IMG_6847 copia.jpg

There is something that each one of our clients love every single time they come here;lunch time at the field. This time, our four new friends ended up being super amazed by the flavors of everything our incredible chef David prepared for us.

First plate: Pigeons with smoked bacon, onions and peppers, served with a red wine malbec makes its flavor be unique. It is just to prepare ourselves to the main plate; the one and only Asado.

Specially made for our guests and accompanied with the famous “chimichurri” (also known as chimichanga”, which enhances the flavor of Asado since it is tasty and spicy, this typical dish makes our clients feel super happy.

IMG_6566 copia.jpg

After that excellent lunch and a delicious desert, the group takes a small nap of 30 minutes to get ready for the afternoon hunting.

Mike has only 450 doves to shot to win our t-shirt of the 1000 doves club, so he is very excited to start again and be the winner.

In terms of protection, we like using Costa Del Mar fantail sunglasses, and Beretta gloves with a special silicon material that helps our guests to be more secure when handing their shotguns.

That afternoon started really good.

IMG_6488 copia.jpg

Doves flew circularly around the stockyards. I decided to wait 15 minutes and then go and check how our friends are doing with those shotguns and how doves are behaving on their shooting spots.

Luckly, everything is in great conditions and they have a great amount of birds flying above them.

The day is ending and, after 4 hours of unstoppable shooting, our guests can reach a nice number of doves; more than 1000 doves in just one day.

Going back to the lodge, everything is ready to recieve our friendly clients.

Michael, Mike and Max, are waiting to end this incredible day with an spectacularsession of massages.

Our masseurs have everything ready. This is a typical activity after a day of hunting; it makes you feel relaxed and happy after having a super tiring day at the field.

IMG_7086 copia.jpg

The day ends with all of us together, sitting around the fire pit, tasting some appetizers that the lodge’s chef prepared for us.

This is a special way of ending the day; a warm night, a sky full of stars and drinks to share with our friends. Wine, beers and Whisky cannot be absent in such a beautiful night!

During dinner, we enjoy talking about the past days. Remembering anecdotes, drinking and having fun, celebrating the days we spent together. Between jokes and laugher,we were born again.

Happy birthday Mike and Michael!

Martin Andrada

Head guide

Pointer Outfitters



The One and Only Bland family

We started with the arrival of the family Bland on their first time in Argentina. They are a lovely family with two girls, huge fans of the dove hunting; Dirk and his family from Texas.


Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, Liliana, our experienced guide, picked them up in Ezeiza, and then left the luggage at the hotel. Everyone was ready to start learning about this amazing city of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is a magical city. Legally called City of Buenos Aires or Buenos Aires, is the capital of Argentina and the main urban center of the country. It is located in the central-eastern region, on the western shore of the River Plate, in the Pampas plains. From Buenos Aires there is many flight to Cordoba city with Aerolineas Argentinas or LAN Argentina airlines.- It is About 1 hour flight.

They had lunch with Lili, and from there, they went to make sightseeing around the city. They were fascinated! The most important thing was going to the zoo; Cory and Dirk walked around and enjoyed the moment.


The next day Cordoba is waiting! The hunting party begins! I picked them up at the airport and gave them a welcome speech, telling them about this beautiful city as Cordoba is.

Around 12 am, after one night in Buenos Aires, we welcome them to our city. I told Dirk, Mary, Cory and Lacy that we were 40 minutes far from the field where we first had lunch. I get in touch by radio on my way to the lodge, with our chef David, who is waiting for us with lunch ready.

When we arrived to the lodge, they could not wait to have lunch, since they knew they were going to try the best Argentinian Asado, made with loin, chorizo, pork ribs, chicken etc.


After lunch, I offered Mary and Cory two shotguns short cylinder heads we have;Benelli Montefeltro and Beretta 391 Urika, both cal 20. They were surprised when placed on their shoulders; those are very comfortable shotguns that fit very well in people of average height. We talked about security and we are ready to start.

Pigeons are flying in all directions and our field assistants are prepared to take them to each hunting spot. Each attendee prepares, before the hunt, the blind or hunting spot with branches and bushes from the area. In order to do that, each one has a bowie knife INCOLMA of high quality, which is sharpened every week. The hunting spotshould be of about 1.50 meters or 1.65 meters depending on the client and place so that they are well covered and camouflaged from the doves. It is commonly armed with piquillín and other branches of autochthonous trees.


The doves are coming to the roost at 3:30 pm, as at this time of year birds migrate to lower areas searching for food. It is a special moment, and after a few harangues, as if they were a football team, the hunt begins. We quickly realize that they are experienced and very good hunters.-

Gaby and Santiago are the field assistants of our guests. About 3 hours and a half, after more than 750 shots fired, Dirk comes and says “it’s amazing how many doves there are at this field! I feel amazed by the service in the field, I feel like a king!

Then we returned to the lodge where Maidel is waiting for us, like Cory’s masseurs, eager for her first massage after 750 shots fired. We can say it was an excellent day. Our friends are at the lodge, very relaxed and happy, I say goodnight and retire to organize the next day of hunting, leaving everyone with Maidel.


Cory returned renewed from her massage, recommending them to all her family.

Did you know that massages after hunting are very popular? In every group, each person takes massages once or twice, it feels very, very relaxing and refreshing, finishing the evening with one of our experienced masseurs staff.  There are two types of massages. Both massage seeking release muscle tension and combat pain.

Dirk, shoot a parrot and when I grabbed it, he was alive! It bit him and Cory startedlaughing a lot! I remember Lacy and Cathy telling the anecdote; so fun!  

After the spectacular dinner at Plaza Real Lodge, laughing and drinking, we went to sleep to enjoy a new day.

Martin Andrada

Head guide

Pointer Outfitters



The experience I had with my family at Pointer Outfitters was more than we could have asked for.

The travel experience was made great from purchasing the tickets and hotel for a night in the capital to rides to and from the airport. Every day we woke up to an amazing breakfast. We had so many dove and some of the best bird boys you could ask for. The lunch in the field was always something amazing. When we arrived back at the lodge we were always greeted with a friendly staff and a glass of orange juice. The dinner was always great and it made a perfect time to share our hunting experience with the other hunters.

The lodge offered an amazing massage that was perfect after a long day of shooting at more dove than you could count.

Our staff was always friendly. Pablo and Maidel were both so friendly and did everything in their power to make our family hunting trip the best. All of the staff made our trip more than we could ask for.

This was the best hunting trip ever and that was all thanks to the amazing staff. 


Lacy Dee Helen Bland


If you want to experience a hunt that will keep you driving for more, this is the place to go. As a female hunter I was skeptical about hunting with a bunch of guys, but I was treated like any other hunter, royalty. I currently struggle with Celiac disease, and cannot consume foods with gluten, or I become very ill. The staff went out of their way, driving all over town, just to find snacks for me. Oh and every meal was absolutely delicious, especially lunch in the field! The hunting and staff service is amazing. The bird boys work so hard to build blinds and track the best spots to hunt. Everyone is so friendly and helpful with anything you might need. Let’s not forget about the option for a massage after each hunt, best decision EVER. I recommend this hunt to any hunter out there that wants to have a lifetime experience that they will NEVER forget. I plan on making another trip back to hunt in the future!

Sincerely Corybelle Bland


We came to Argentina for a Dove hunt with Pointer Wingshooting. They helped us out every step of the way. Pablo and Maidel helped us out every step of the way from the moment we started planning until we left .They have a Great staff. Martin is a great guy he was at the airport to pick us up and take us to the field . He took us to the field every morning and brought us back in the evening. Plus he would come check us threw out the day. I can say we had the Best Bird Boys Gabby (#1) and Leon. They were a great help the whole time. We laughed a lot and had a great time. Everyone was always smiling . Everybody worked hard for our Family. We made a lot of new friends and memories. Everyone from the field to Lodge worked hard to let my family have a great time. We flew in a day early to Buenos Aire and LiLi picked us up and gave us a tour . She did a great job. She made sure we got to our Hotel and took us for lunch. Then Juan took us the next day to the Airport for our Hunt. The food was fantastic in the field and at the Lodge. The staff at the Lodge always greeted you with a smile. Everyone with Pointer Wingshooting worked hard and we appreciate everyone and everything they did for The Bland Family. Hope to come back and Dove Hunt again. Words are hard to describe how much fun we had because it was so awesome! Yall have the best staff anyone could ask for.

 Thank You

 Cathy Bland

Royalty! If you are looking to go to a fine place to hunt doves these guys treated me and my family like Kings! Words cannot describe what a great job Pablo and his crew did for the Bland family! From start to finish Pablo and his crew helped me arranged our flight plan, tour of the city, special meal planning for my daughter, wonderful bird boys, great guns and ammo, meeting new friends, meals and commendation fit for a King! I could not be any happier, the whole trip was unbelievable. Pablo and all the Pointer Outfitter crew is Superior, this trip was are first ever family trip out from our country we had many different new experiences, I am so proud that I found this crew to be so helpful. The dove hunting is amazing with many many birds but this hunting trip would not be as great if it wasn’t  for the positive attitude everyone had, I was excepted as a friend not a customer. Many thanks to all, I know everyone worked really hard! Pointer Outfitters is the finest group of people you can meet, people who care with their hearts ! Argentina dove hunting at its finest, a hunters dream come true enjoyed with my wife and two daughter.

Love you guys!!!!!

Dirk Bland

Cordoba Wine Tour

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Cuisine in Cordoba is a very important factor, including the elaboration of regional food and drinks, such as cheeses, sausage products, marmalades, preserved food, beers and wines.

Wine production is focused in the village of Colonia Caroya, just 48 km away from the City of Cordoba, and fully integrated into the Argentine enological-tourist circuit.

A little bit of history

Although the first vines were planted in Santiago del Estero province, the true history of Argentina’s wine industry began nearly a century later in Cordoba.


It was so in 1618, the Jesuits settled in the present territory of the province, starting with wine production. Among the various properties possessed by the Society of Jesus, they chose the Estancia de Jesus Maria – strategically located on the side of Camino Real- to develop production of this noble drink and from there distribute the rest of his possessions. When you visit the current museum, you can observe some of the tools used for winemaking work, demonstrating the advanced development that had these priests for their time.

With the expulsion of the Jesuit Order of the territories of the Crown -a mid-eighteenth century, by decision of Carlos III from Spain, decays this important industry and most of the vineyards are abandoned. After passing by more than a century, in 1878, a strong wave of migration -mainly Italian – friulana is installed in the area, rescuing from oblivion the old plantations and providing new knowledge and machinery arrivals from Europe.

descargaThe labor force and tenacity of immigrants built an important productive activity, which continued despite the economic and political vicissitudes suffered by the country during the last century and a half. The rapid growth of wine production in the provinces of Cuyo during this same period – supported by the National Law 12.137 / 34, which discouraged the production of wine outside the Andean provinces – stole some prominence to the Córdoba wine, although activity lasted on small family farms (not only in Colonia Caroya, but also in the Northwest and Traslasierra). Since mid-90’we witness the conversion of the area, opening a new phase of expansion.



The area planted with vines has now reached 314 ha (approximately 0.14% of the national vineyard). More than two thirds of these hectares are located in the Colonia Caroya and surroundings; although there are small areas of vineyards in Traslasierra Valley Calamuchita and provincial Northwest. The varieties of grapes are planted Merlot and Frambua (also known as Isabella or “bedbug grape”), and other less diffusion as Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

There are currently eleven wineries registered in the province, plus some 35 homemade wine authorized processors. The presence of small artisanal producers is a great tourist differential, it is the only region of the country that includes them in wine tours.

The remarkable development of the wine industry in Cordoba has not been a mere quantitative fact; the real change was purely qualitative, from the famous “regional” or “boats” wines sold at roadside bill, to remarkable products that can compete without problems in the domestic market.

Wine Roads in Cordoba

168266Cordoba’s Wine Route proposes visits to vineyards and wineries and regional wine tasting, some of them made from such uncommon varieties as the Isabella grape. This enotourist proposal integrates a circuit of gourmet routes with a remarkable and exquisite offer of pork meats and cold-cuts. Gathering history, traditions, landscapes and production techniques, artisanal producers and wineries invite visitors to go through Córdoba’s land and taste its wines at the winemaking areas of Calamuchita, Traslasierra and the Northwest. Enotourist proposals are enjoyable together with Jesuit Estancias -Mankind Heritage-, the old Royal Road and different gourmet routes, apart from lovely lakes and hills with the relaxing microclimate of the province.

Reinforcing the importance of winemaking in Córdoba, the annual festivals’ agenda includes celebrations related to this production like Grape’s National Festival and Provincial Grape Harvest Festival, celebrated in Colonia Caroya during March.

Circuit number one: Colonia Caroya and nearby (60 km north of the city of Córdoba)

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The main circuit begins on National Route 9 in the city of Colonia Caroya and surroundings (reaching the picturesque village of Ischilín, 75 km northwest). Here you can experience closely the origin of this industry. You can start the tour with a visit to the National Jesuit Museum (at Estancia de Jesus Maria); then continue with a tour and tasting at one of the ancient cellars as La Caroyense or Nannini.

At noon, you can recharge your batteries in some of the many restaurants in town. The most recommended is Macadam, rustic and beautiful dining room where you can taste authentic Italian food.

In the afternoon, you can meet any of the home winemakers like Esteban Papalini of “Wines Vittorio Papalini”, Miguel Angel Patat of “Wines Aurelio” or Carlos Turcode “Establishment El Bosque”. Here you can see the traditional winemaking, as did the first immigrants to the region.

12-Bodega-y-viñedo-Jairala-Oller (1)

If you prefer driving for a little while, you can go up to the village of Ischilín to visit the small family winery Jairala Oller. There will be warmly received by the marriage formed by Beatriz Oller and Hector Jairala; who after many years around the world, found its place and fulfilled the dream of owning a winery. Conviviality and willingness of Beatriz, added to the incredible life story of Hector, you will not want leave that place.

If, with the entire bustle, it gets late and you decide to sleep in the area, the Hotel Casa del Friuli is an excellent choice, not only for its comfortable rooms at affordable prices, but also for its remarkable gastronomy.

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Outfitters

Special weekends at Cordoba

Artisan Flea Market (Barrio Güemes)


Ten blocks away from Córdoba urban historical shell, we got deep into the renowned Bohemian neighborhood called Güemes to visit the artisan flee market “Paseo de las Artes”. This area is today a meeting place and a hot touristic spot that grows constantly. Every day new restaurants and bars open their doors to the crowd that visits the crafts market on weekends.flea 2

End the day at “El Mercado Central”. A fantastic space that awake all the senses, this restaurant is one of the last big news about the local cuisine. This is an outstanding entrepreneurship mounted in a completely renovated warehouse located in the renowned Barrio Güemes, and endowed with great design and lovely setting space.

mercado centralmercado central 2

Finally If you want a little bit more of fun …just cross the street and you will enjoy one of the most popular Tango Shows in town at “El Arrabal”. This is a traditional restaurant which becomes bar at night. It is one of the old-styles restaurants in Cordoba. At 6 pm they organize tango lessons and from Thursdays to Saturdays at 11 pm tango shows are held. It also hosts excellent milonga, salsa and folklore shows.

el arrabal

111 Hotel

If you have not yet decided where to stay, 111 Hotel is strategically located in the traditional corner of Hipólito Yrigoyen avenue and Montevideo street in Nueva Córdoba slider2-escalera-barneighborhood, within the so-called “Media Legua de Oro” (golden half a league). The hotel stands on the epicenter of the cultural, social, gastronomic and tourist activity, and only a couple of meters away from the economic, financial, commercial city center, and the artisan market also.
Yrigoyen 111 Hotel was built from one of Nueva Córdoba’s traditional old mansions from the year 1900. Its facade and interiors were restored by specialists so as to preserve the cultural heritage of the city.
It is a modern urban executive hotel, with a unique modern elegant and restrained style.

Yrigoyen 111 Hotel has 78 rooms, an Events and Convention Center, and a recreational area, all distributed in its 15 stories. Each story has carpeted hallways creatively decorated with giant pictures of the city of Córdoba and with design details that provide a unique modern and comfortable style.A full breakfast buffet is served on the first floor.
Our 1906 Lounge Bar is the perfect space to relax while enjoying our delicious cocktails and our delightful coffee bar. All guests can enjoy our fitness center and swimming pool located on our rooftop terrace with exceptional views of the city.


You should be the next one!

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Outfitters

Hunting was simply unbelievable

We recently joined Pablo and his crew at Pointer Outfitters for a five day hunt in Cordoba. We were a group of nine that included my twelve year old son, my brother and his eleven year old son, and other longtime friends.

More Info

I can’t speak highly enough about the quality of the trip and the service provided in the field and at the Lodge. The accommodations were fantastic and very comfortable. From the greetings by the Lodge staff with cold towels, refreshments and appetizers upon arrival back from the field to the outstanding food and service, the stay at the Lodge exceeded my expectations.

The hunting was simply unbelievable. Martin and his field staff did a great job putting us on large volume hunts every day. This was my second trip to Cordoba and my first was with a different outfitter. I can truthfully say we did not see the volume of birds on the first trip that we did on this one with Pablo and Martin. It was unreal. The guys put on a great lunch every day in the field and were very accommodating. I can’t say enough about the guides and their attention to the boys. It was only through their constant care and attentiveness that my brother and I were able to truly enjoy the hunt without worrying about them. Safety in the field was foremost and they were very well taken care of.
In closing, I can’t recommend Pablo and Pointer Outfitters highly enough to any wing shooters that might be considering a trip to Cordoba. If you want high volume dove and pigeon shooting, plus a few ducks, this is the place to come. We will definitely be back soon.
Mark Otis
Humble, Texas