Great Beginners

The first day in the van, when I met Patt and Jason, they told me it was their first time dove shooting so I said to them that they are in the best place to learn and practice, always, of course, having fun!


“Yeah yeah, so we do then; I’ll meet you at the entrance of the field so I do not get in there with my car.- Great J, I’ll call you once the clients arrive in Cordoba’s airport.- Ok, Thanks David.”

That morning I had planned to be at the office in the morning and then meet David at the field entrance, before climbing to the hills, because my car is a little lower than the Van we use to transport groups of more than 3 people.

It was 1.25 pm when I reached the entrance to the field, just a few meters from the main route.

And while waiting I thought, why not? It doesn’t seem to be in bad conditions; I’ll climb. So, the first thing I did was to call David to let him know, otherwise, he would be waiting for me without knowing that I’m already at the field.

So it was then when I went up and left the car just 500 yds from where the camp was. About 15 minutes later David came, went up to the van and introduced me with the group. This time we had visitors from North Carolina: Jeffery, Mike, Patrick, and Jason.

Once in the camp, Filo, our chef,  was waiting for us with a delicious lunch with roast, chorizo (Argentinean Sausage), chicken and pork. I remember standing Jason finished eating and I was tired of sitting after 2 flights (although I also was anxious to meet the famous pigeons of Cordoba). AC-DC still sounded when after a quick lunch our friends started changing, leaving traveling clothes inside the van, in their respective bags. The real purpose of his trip will now begin: Hunting, drinking and having a great time.


That afternoon Jeffrey Canarian was on one side of the mountain, while the rest would be more ventured into the mountains, being Mike the one at the highest position.

Jason was the first to finish his 20 boxes and Santiago, his field assistant, offered to open another case but, since it was Jason’s first time dove shooting, he had had enough by that afternoon (other than the second day that he would shoot more than 45 boxes).

Then I went to Emmanuel and said to him “Ema, this is Patt, and it is his first time dove shooting… Can you guide him a little please?” and so he said “yes, of course, do not worry J, I will help him” (Ema was going to be Patt’s assistant).

So it was; he took 7 or 10 boxes for Patt to start shooting as if he had already done it several times. That afternoon Patt throw 20 boxes killing a total of 201 pigeons !! Let me tell you something because watching how happy he was is the most rewarding thing about this job: to see our guests being really happy having a great time with his friends. Patt surprised us all, specially the rest of the group, because of the skills he had and how fast he was learning and shooting as he was doing (the second day, he achieved a total of 434 pigeons between morning and afternoon).


The first day in the van, when I met Patt and Jason, they told me it was their first time dove shooting so I said to them that they are in the best place to learn and practice: you would see (just for the record, if we only take what Patt killed on the second day, it will take you 29 full days on the hunting season in the US to achieve what he did in just one day in Cordoba!) That evening Jason, Mike and Patt returned in the Van with David, while Jeffrey wanted to go with me since that day I had gone with my car.
We chatted for a long time but when Jeff heard on the background the first chords of Daze and Confused, he turned up the volume to the maximum and neither of us could resist it; we started screaming trying to follow the lyrics.
I still remember the face of Jeff surprised when we entered the car to the lodge. We joined the rest of the group and they were all saying thanks appreciating the excellent afternoon they had, because they had found everything above expectations. I remember the words of Jeff in the car: What is this man?, and I replied “This is your lodge, we are gonna stay here, this is gonna be your home for the next few days! And he could not believe his eyes! Too much ! 
The girls at the lodge were waiting for us with some juice and wet towels and after a bite, drinks and a great dinner with more and more drinks in the living room, we went to get some rest.
On the next day, we had breakfast at 8 am, leaving to the field at 9 (although we expected to do it at 8:30, it was not easy to get them ready for that time). We all went up to the same mountain, but it was a different field. This time Chanqui, the photographer, came with us to document the day with photos and video. In the morning, we hunt near the camp, next to a small lake, where pigeons often go to drink water.
Even though we know that the mornings are way different than the afternoons, they shot a total of about 65 boxes, being Jason the one that did the most with a total of 20.
The dove was flying until late lunch. In fact, when the chef called us to eat, we were still hunting in place. They were shooting two guys together, but we were all there, putting together skills and waiting for lunch since we were just about 30 yds to the camp.
Meat, meat ,and more meat with pears in red wine as dessert. Oh no, that’s fruit, no thanks. Just try it. Pears in wine with cream, ate everything, left nothing.
Jason opted for a nap in the hammock while the rest decided to lay on the grass; Jeffrey was in charge of the music. I could see that the boys had already climbed to prepare the hunting positions, so I calculated that we would climb in about 5 or 10 minutes.
Once in the hunting positions, I was surprised of how the wind stopped blowing because that morning had been very windy. Sunny but windy. Actually, the afternoon was very pleasant; a little breeze, not even wind.
Patt and Jeffrey were the last to finish that afternoon and I could still see the dove flying on posts while we were in the Van toward the Lodge. Patrick was impressedwith the dish that night: a tasty lasagna with bolognese sauce.
The next afternoon, Jason and Patt finished the day with the same number! yes, 366 doves each! Jason finished first while Patt was about 6 pigeons to reach him and he still had 10 or 11 cartridges. Unhurriedly, waiting for that best doves, he saw the ones that fit to reach Jason, and knowing that he had 2 chances to catch them, he saw a dove coming in front of him on the distance he liked and missed the first, but then, as soon as he saw the shotgun giving a little more swing and achieving impact with his last round, he reached Jason with 366 pigeons in the same amount of boxes: 30!
That evening all the boys returned to the lodge in order to share the last great night together. 
Good music, drinks, chess, backgammon and more drinks.
I’m gonna miss this guys, we had a hell of a time those days!
Juan Aguiló
Host & Media
Pointer Outfitters

Amongst the Corn

The air was fresh, brisk, and felt cool on my face. The clouds were holding their pattern at the moment, however I knew soon the midday sun would begin to heat the air. We were hunting a relatively new area; a vast stretch of farmland with ponds spread sporadically throughout it.


Claes and his son Carl, had just left with their guides for the morning hunt. I felt excitement for them. It was their first time here in the beautiful country of Argentina; and Argentina was most assuredly a marvel, Cordoba being her crown jewel. She was vast and possessed unending splendors, wooing many a traveler to her bosom.

The dove were flying slow in the morning. Most had headed to the roosting area and wouldn’t return until later to quench their thirst. I was aware of this fact and waited patiently for their absurd numbers to roll in like squads of jet fighters. Even a slow morning in Argentina is equivalent to an amazing hunt in the States. Sporadic at first, but growing in intensity, I began to hear gunshots in the distance.


The camp today was set underneath a shady copse of trees. Blocking out most of the light, it was the perfect location for an afternoon siesta. Frederico and I began setting up the dining table. Gently, we laid the white table cloth over the table; placed the chairs around it, laid the placemats down along with the eating utensils, and then arranged the glass cups accordingly. Meanwhile, the other Frederico began building the fire for lunch. I went to set up the hammocks, while clearing cow manure from the surrounding area. Every part of Pablo’s operations are thought out and orchestrated to perfection. We spare no expense to make sure overall comfort is achieved.


Around 1:00 pm Claes and Carl returned from their morning hunt. Tired, they sat down sipping beer and looking at pictures Claes had taken earlier that day of Carl. The extent of a father’s love is fathomless, all encompassing, and a great sight to bear witness to. I knew then, there are few treasures greater to a father than time spent with his son. I adore music, all types and genres, so too did Claes. He shared with us a rather interesting Swedish song. From what he told me, the protagonist of said song was cheated on by her fiancée, finds the woman who cheated looking to kill her, and then they become friends! It was beautiful and highly intriguing. Alas, it was time for lunch.


The feast began with bacon wrapped dove breast and a light salad, accompanied by the famous Argentinean Malbec wine. The next course, pork ribs cooked to perfection followed by chicken breast and thigh; lightly seasoned with lime and salt. The third entrée was tenderloin, pink in the center, which was extremely moist. Lastly, light and delicate flan. From the contented looks upon Carl and Claes, I can only assume they were stuffed to the point of bursting! Axel, a relative, just arrived as they were finishing. Famished, he sat down to eat and drink. They discussed various topics in their native tongue before the father and son took a siesta in the hammocks.


Around 3:30 pm the afternoon hunt began. Smiles upon their faces, all three of the gentlemen were ready for some action! I visited their stands in the afternoon briefly to observe how the birds were flying and their individual hunting prowess. All three of them were exceptionally good shots. Axel though, was a killing machine. Sitting down, the giant Swede laid waste to dozens of birds. It was truly a sight to behold and I was astonished as I was bore witness to it. So much so that I forgot I had been standing behind him for so long! With a few polite words, he asked me to leave, and so I did. As the night began encroaching, so too did our hunt end. The gentlemen were pleased with the amount of birds in the afternoon. Since they were pleased, the staff was pleased as well. An amazing day, an amazing hunt, and some amazing people to be around!

Don’t cry for me Argentina,

Park Tipton

Head guide



A Great Group for a Great Amount of Doves

One of the best groups of the last few days we had the pleasure to be hunting with was the one of Peter Burke and his friends. They came here with their wives to spend a few days hunting and relaxing at La Loma lodge.



The first day was great. We starated really early in the morning so we could spend many hours at the field enjoying that amazing sport as hunting is. We had breakfast with everything you can imagine and then left directly to the field.

All of our guest used camouflaged clothing, Beretta and semiautomatic shotguns cal 20 Benelli Montefeltro. That morning they did over 250 shots each and in the afternoon more than 500 shots. Even though Mark stand out doing more than 750 shots in just one afternoon, everyone did great.


Luckely, they saw tons of doves everywhere. I must admit I have never seen so many doves in this field and the group was very happy to see that too. This was the reason why they could do a lot of shooting from different angles depending on what they wanted: high, low, from the front or just behind.

In the afternoon, Federico,  our first-class chef,  prepared some doves in red wine for us to taste before eating the tipical and incredible “Asado” with “Chimichurri” (also well-known as chimichanga). When the Asado came, we were anxious to enjoy that lunch more than ever. Federico is a great cook and he knows best than anybody how to make an excellent Asado for our guests to be full and happy. Fourtunately , the group could not believe how tasty and on point was that meat and chimichurri, of course always accompanied with lots of beers and red wine.


The second day we went shooting to “campos bajos” (low fields) as we call it. In that place you can shoot tons of doves because they are all concentrated inside sorghum fields since there they have water, and it is also the place where they sleep on.

That day was incredible; doves everywhere coming and going all day long, but the biggest amount was seen in the morning and at 4 pm.


Mark shot more than 2000 doves in just one day; he is a great hunter, and the ladies went out on a shopping day so the guys were very pleased to know that each one of the girls were entertained while they were doing the same at the field.

A great group for a great amount of doves. I will always remember them, and I hope to see them again soon.

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Pointer Outfitters


A Warm Welcome

It was another cool breezy day in Cordoba, Argentina. The sun was out but it wasn’t overly hot. Clouds were moving in the distance perhaps signaling a storm that was yet to come. This particular group of gentlemen were from Lebanon and Syria. They currently resided in Houston and Dubia. They were all very pleasant and welcoming. Great people to be around all in all.

We started our hunt around 7:45 am that morning. We were hunting a property with rolling hectares of corn fields. The birds were flying strong and everyone was anxious to begin hunting. Shots soon rang out after the gentlemen started taking their positions strewn out across the field.
Although it had been a great many months since most of the men last shot, they were dropping birds with an increased pace and rhythm. Before long, the morning hunt had drawn to a close and it was time for lunch. We had traditional Argentinean barbeque known as “asado”. A light salad composed of avocado, onion, tomato, and lettuce was our first course. It was doused with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, giving it a sweet tang. Juicy sausage was served next. Then came the pork flank. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and lime juice; it was the perfect consistency of fat and muscle. It is akin to eating a large succulent piece of bacon. The main entrée was tenderloin. Slow cooked to perfection with a moist pink center and a charred exterior. The two textures playing off each other exceptionally. Lastly, chicken thigh and breast seasoned with lime juice, salt, and pepper. For dessert we had peach flan. It was light and airy providing a sweet but not overly filling end to our meal. After lunch the gentlemen had coffee and chatted before they headed to their afternoon hunting locations.
The afternoon was what I had come to expect hunting at this particular location. Around 4:30pm, wave after wave of dove started flying back to their roosting area. With a slight wind at their back, they were moving at a high speed making for challenging shots. Some of the hunters struggled initially but those that did were quick learners. By shooting in front, before the dove flared left or right, they were met with success more often than not. Shots continually rang out and birds dropped consistently.
The clouds I had seen earlier in the day were much closer now. Rolling gray giants which unleashed water inconsistently and whipped the wind into further fury. Around 6:00pm everyone was finished hunting and ready to head back to lodge. About 45 minutes later we made it to the lodge and everyone headed to their rooms to get cleaned up.
We offer a variety of evening events at Pointer Wingshooting to spice up any night. Elias, Issam, Abrahim, and Saam were honored guests so we provided the trifecta over a three day period as well as traditional food from their homeland. I could tell that Pablo had strong feelings about this group and would spare no expense to see them happy.
The first evening we had tango dancers perform. It was similar to watching two flamingos strut about. Quick movements followed by slow elaborate movements. It was mesmerizing in a way but I had seen much more tango than most, so I wasn’t impressed. The gentlemen seemed to love it though. Elias even got up and did his own version of the dance. Now that was impressive! The next evening we had a delightful little band of mariachis show up. Horns blazing, they lit up the area. Living up to the mariachi name, the lead could hold a note for more than a minute. He was an old portly fellow with the only black sombrero in the mix. Where did all that air came from, I don’t know. You would think if you stuck him with a needle he’d pop like a balloon. Regardless, it was an amazing performance and certainly not one that would be forgotten any time soon. The last evening we witnessed two belly dancers perform. Now the gentlemen were more accustomed to this to be sure but who doesn’t enjoy a good belly dance? The beautiful little Argentinean bombshells started their shaking and were greeted by a great many eyes. Twisting, shifting, dipping. Oh, I do enjoy the belly dancers! Could the gentlemen resist joining the fun? Of course not, belly dancing is addictive. Saam got up and really showed those ladies how to move! Then one by one more men joined the dance. Before it was all said and done, I had seen more belly dancing than I imagined I would.
The gentlemen were thouroughly delighted. I sensed that we brought them a little closer to home and that was priceless. An amazing group with amazing people. I was honored then as I am now, that I had the pleasure to spend some time with them. 
Don’t cry for me Argentina!
Parker Tipton
Host & Guide
Pointer Outfitters

Van Dorn Ready to kill

January was a strong month for all of us at Pointer, and having our amazing friends Erik, Cody, Steven and Shannon from Texas with us was a cool experience that helped to make it all amazing.



This group had flown from Huston on the great and comfortable United Airlines #819 from George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) Gate E20 to Ministro Pistarini International Airport (SAEZ / EZE), Terminal A (there is another great connection with Copa through Panama or you can even make it through Santiago, in Chile).

United is a major American airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It is the world’s largest airline when measured by number of destinations served. It is also a founding member of Star Alliance, the world’s first and largest global airline alliance. Regional service is operated by independent carriers under the brand name United Express.

IMG_GR_testimonials1455619279Now, our clients are already in Argentina, staying at the Plaza Real Lodge in Villa del Totoral, in the province of Córdoba, and getting ready to start the day.

After having a great and good tasting breakfast at 7.30 am, we leave in our Mercedes- Benz Sprinter van to the field located 25 minutes away from the lodge.

As we get to the field, our whole field staff is waiting for us to welcome our guests on their first time in Argentina. The entire group is completely shocked about the great number of birds on Tuna Roost. Luckily, doves are really active in the afternoons.

IMG_GR_testimonials1455619178Big E is a great guy that promises that he will shoot over 1000 birds every day. When you see Big E for the first time you might mistake him for a bodyguard; he is huge! With him, we have Cody and his amazing and unique hair cut. Actually, I think I had never seen something like that before so…  Good for you Cody! You have a very original and handsome look. Then there is Shannon. He is the spirit, like the life of the party. He is always joking and laughing. We had so much fun with him; and we also have Steve, who is quieter, but when he takes a drink, he gets talkative and ironic, but with a great sense of humor.

We must admit that we felt like, with 20 hunters in the field, these guys just melted our shotguns. They have been shooting all the birds in the sky. We can bet it is not going to be their last time!

IMG_GR_testimonials1455620389Once we are at the field, our guests want to try our new Beretta 400 shotguns, as those are a new thing from Beretta. We also have machines like CAL 20 BENELLI MONTEFELTRO, CAL 20 BENELLI M1 and CAL 12 BERETTA A300, very good taken when dove hunting since our clients were amazed for its comfortable way of working after shooting over two thousand shots each day.

By now, they have been shooting 20 gauges ammunition 7, which is one of the best supplies for this dove hunting sport (we also regularly use 7 and ½ or 8 supplies, and the powder charges in our cartridges is 25 grams).

IMG_GR_testimonials1455619647Today, we would like to talk about the Beretta A400 and let you know more about the specifications of this amazing shotgun. Its action is truly revolutionary in the history of the semiautomatic shotgun. Thanks to the proprietary Blink technology, it shoots 36% faster than any other system, meaning that your follow-up shots will always be faster than any high-flying duck, goose or clay target. It is low-profile and light weight (while being super-durable), giving you superior natural pointability. It has built-in rails, so that you can easily equip it with the optics of your choice for turkey season. And its reliable feeding of any type of 12-gauge shell—lead or steel, mild 2 ¾” to hard-hitting 3 ½” magnums—gives the A400 the versatility of a do-it-all shotgun.

Something else that will not fail to impress you about the A400 Xtreme Unico Camo is its finish. The camo pattern is flawless and covers even the corners and recesses that would be left out in a lesser shotgun. But what’s even more impressive about this shotgun is that, thanks to Aqua technology, the steel parts of the A400 Xtreme are highly resistant to corrosion, water and salt-spray, which make this shotgun a champion of durability even in the most extreme hunting conditions.

IMG_GR_testimonials1455619507Since it’s summer here in Argentina, we are having three amazing and sunny days next to our chef Federico, one of our cooks and chefs at the field, who is always very aware of the needs of our clients and now is making us taste some Pigeons in Red Wine, Asado (barbecue) and, as usual, Malbec wine.

As mentioned, we enjoyed Trapiche Origen Malbec and Don David Malbec during the days of this group in Córdoba because we always like offering our guests some of the best wines from Trapiche.

Trapiche Winery, set amidst vineyards and located in Maipú, Mendoza, at the foot of the Andes, this Florentine style building from 1912 is an icon of Mendoza’s wine architecture. A blend of past and present, Trapiche winery provides the ideal location for a dialog between tradition and cutting edge technology in the production of premium wines.

Now, let’s talk about Trapiche origenes Malbec. It has this intense red color with some violet hues. You can smell red berries, plum, cherry and chocolate all concentrated. It feels like a juicy mouth with a bit of cinnamon, vanilla and toasted bread with plum jam.

IMG_GR_testimonials1455620102Our dear friend Shannon has a particular taste, the Bloody Mary. While the origin of this popular brunch cocktail is debatable, the Bloody Mary’s staying power leaves no question. A classic bloody Mary is made with vodka, tomato juice, lemon, spices and seasonings. Its creation is often credited to barman Fernand Petiot, who supposedly invented the combination of vodka and tomato juice at Harry’s Bar in Paris in 1921 and refined the recipe in New York in the 1930s, adding lemon, Worcestershire sauce and black and cayenne pepper. This is a vodka-soaked nutritional breakfast and hangover cure all in one. What else can you ask for?

Without further words, let me tell you that, by the end of the day, Erik Van Dorn had made a record using 3 Beretta 400 (which worked perfectly), and shot 3061 doves in 4 Hours and 35 minutes, which was the 90% of that afternoon. He had shot 8621 doves in a couple of days! Amazing! Great shot! (86% was his percentage). We will send you a report in the next few days.

IMG_GR_testimonials1455619456Fortunately, the weather was on our side.

The whole Pointer Outfitters staff is waiting to give you the best experience of Córdoba, Argentina.

We hope to see you next time.

Martin Andrada

Head Guide

Cordoba Lodges

Pointer Outfitters


Fill the Sky with Feathers

By SGM (R) Kyle E. Lamb. After flying for many hours and spending a day with in-laws in Cordoba, Argentina we were finally headed to Estancia La Loma, in Villa Del Totoral. My first advice for a trip like this is to show up hungry, thirsty, and with an itchy trigger finger. If you play your cards right every possible shortcoming will be remedied shortly after you stroll across the open green of La Loma Lodge. To really scratch the itch you will need to take a short drive to one of the many dove fields, this is where the magic truly happens.

More Info

Our son in law is a native of Cordoba, Argentina so we have journeyed south of the equator several times on behalf of he and our daughter for different reasons. This trip was simply the bribe my wife dangled to get me to accompany my daughter way down south for a few days. It worked! If you have never ventured to Argentina to experience a high volume dove shoot you have definitely missed the train. My first trip had been a real learning experience. I had decided that on one of the days I would attempt to shoot over a thousand of these flying rats. This sounds simple to those that have been there but to the layman it seems like a real task. Now that I have met this milestone I can attest that it is truly an undertaking. It may be easier for some but for a guy who shoots roughly 70% it requires a little work. With this landmark behind me I was especially ready to enjoy this trip.IMG_GR_testimonials1454080119

We had booked our trip through Jim Riley at Link’s Wild Safaris. If you aren’t familiar with their operation, and you like to hunt any time and any place, you must give Jim a call. From the normal Western game hunts in the United States to animals I have never heard of in countries I can’t pronounce, they do it all. Jim hooked us up with Pablo Aguiló from Pointer Outfitters. Pablo has been in the business for many years and runs a tight ship when it comes to service. His lodge staff is wonderful with unbelievable service with a smile, but where they really shine is in the field. All of Pablo’s guides are seasoned professionals that not only know how to set you up for success but can also help with your shooting if you give them the opportunity. Lastly and I will go out on a limb and say, the food in the field is second to none. I have never been served such wonderful meats, from chicken to pork, of course culminating in beef filet better than 95% of the restaurants in the world can cook in a controlled environment. His cook Federico cooks with local wood and some coal right next to your hunting area. Fantastic.IMG_GR_testimonials1454080003

As I said earlier, I had checked the block of destroying my body and as many doves as possible in a day, so for this trip I wanted to have a more relaxed time. Getting psyched to shoot big numbers is fun, but enjoying a slower journey with my wife this go around was even better. I decided to only shoot 500 rounds the first morning, starting slow, which translated to dove shooter talk means I didn’t hit as many as I wanted to but by lunch I was cruising along getting much more consistent hits. Argentina is a great place to hone your wing shooting skill set it has definitely made Pheasant hunting in my native South Dakota more enjoyable. So after knocking the rust off with 500 rounds we headed to a cool spot in the shade, prepared with white table clothes, wine for those that partake, and plenty of trash talking and wonderful eats. After lunch we fell in on the already prepared hammocks for the time-honored siesta. No matter if Elk hunting or Dove hunting this is one of my favorite parts of the hunt. Swinging in the cool breeze of Argentina is one of the nicest naps you will ever have. If you aren’t into the siesta you are welcome to hang around until the doves start flying fast for the afternoon hunt.

For the afternoon I banged another 500 rounds and called it a day. As previously stated, my wife was accompanying me and we wanted to go sit in the shade and enjoy the beautiful weather. This is the perfect hunt to bring your family with, my wife hunts with me a lot, not shooting but cooking what I harvest. She really enjoys the dove trips because everything is so much more laid back than any other hunting you will do. To go along with that she gets to stay in the sweet digs and enjoy being treated like a queen by Pablo’s staff. I am telling you they simply spoil you while you are under their watchful eye. Every need is met quickly and with a smile. If you have kids that like to bird hunt this is an excellent way to get them completely hooked.IMG_GR_testimonials1454080592

After the guides had cleaned the area of spent cartridge debris and dove carcasses we headed back to La Loma Lodge to be greeted by Pablo’s staff, their service is just unbelievable. Cool towels to take a layer of dust off and cold drinks of your choice. The fire is always burning and of course the stories are great after a day of dove extermination.

For the evening meals at La Loma, everyone joins Pablo in the formal dining room of the lodge for great food and discussions of my favorite subjects, politics and religion. All kidding aside the boys who joined us from Texas are cut from the same leather as my wife and I so it was head nods all around. Larry and Kelly Roach are both from the Dallas area and great guys to hunt and share a fire with. We had never met but after the first day I felt like I had known these gentlemen for years. Hunting camps around the world always seem to attract great people with similar life stories.IMG_GR_testimonials1454080206

If you have never hunted Argentina I would tell you it is a must, but get your expectations and goals aligned with reality. If you are a first timer I would go with the intent of enjoying the ride. You may want to set limits as far as how much ammo you want to plow through because this has two negative effects on the hunt. First your shoulder is going to take more abuse which can cause inexperienced hunters to shoot even worse or have to skip days because they are getting sensitive to recoil. The other down side is cost. Ammunition isn’t cheap in Argentina so set limits so you don’t get surprised when the housekeeper comes calling with your shotshell bill. For me I believe quality over quantity is the key, if you are a two to three thousand bird a day kind of guy, get out the checkbook and enjoy the ride. You won’t run out of doves or ammunition.


Beretta A400

Day two we were up and at ‘em early to polish off home cooked eggs and strong coffee then back to the dove blind. The second day was even better than the first with the birds coming in fast but consistent. It was a blast. It was a little slower due to winds so I only cracked off 350 rounds, but I would save the rest for the afternoon shooting frenzy.

The afternoon was incredible with birds coming in from all angles at all speeds. This allowed me to test my now honed sky rat eradication skills. It was a success. My field guide, Tata was right there cheering me on with quotes such as, “asta la vista baby.” Even in Argentina there are lots of Terminator fans. When all was said and done we saved several boxes for a late afternoon competition. My wife and I pack down to the truck and after a short drive were standing in the shade with Larry and Kelly, ready to see the skills of our guides. They did not disappoint. It is really fun to watch shooters that can shoot, it is even more rewarding to watch those same shooters mentor the younger and less experienced shooters. With many laughs and even a shot shell reloaded with dove feathers for special effect it was a great way to culminate the Argentinian Dove Shooting Extravaganza.

There are a couple administrative hurdles to jump before your trip, but with the right outfitter this will all be taken into consideration. Call Link’s Wild Safaris, they are truly the experts and make getting paperwork such as the Reciprocity Fee squared away so your trip doesn’t end before it starts. There are probably cheaper routes to go, but in the case of Argentina you get what you pay for so use the best and you won’t be disappointed.IMG_GR_testimonials1454080871

By SGM (R) Kyle E. Lamb

Lots of doves with friends

In the same week we have received at La Loma Lodge our great friend Larry Ramming and David Wampler. They have arrived to Cordoba the last 6th july and they have also shared a great time with Marvin Gros and his group.


It is great to see old friends again, especially because Larry had gone through a very delicate medical issue. Thanks God he is doing great! We have been at La Loma Lodge and Plaza Real Lodge.

La Loma is a beautiful traditional Estancia built in 1908 by one of the wealthiest families in Argentina. The lodge is located about one hour to the north of Cordoba International Airport, in the town of Totoral. It is situated next to the biggest dove roost in Argentina, the rides to the fields are a convenient 10 to 40 minutes. La Loma’s staff, the delicious Argentine meals, and copious amounts of doves combine to make this a very memorable dove-shooting trip._MG_0102-(1)

Plaza Real is one of the best options for dove hunting in Argentina. It is located in the province of Cordoba, in the center of Argentina, 50 miles (100 km) north of Cordoba’s International Airport. The driving time from the airport to the lodge is also one hour. Right in the main capital of dove hunting in South America_MG_0313-(1)Srgb_color

With this group we have hunted in the Macha Valley, that means we are back in the hills. We have been especially at La Tuna area, in our Correa brother’s farm. Doves were amazing. What can I say about dove hunting with Pointer Outfitters that you haven’t hear before? Just that, at the end of the morning, birds will slow down, but afternoons were so crazy and ridiculously full of birds, that we were taking pictures!_MG_0065

Our chef Federico did an amazing job, as always,  and we enjoyed great food in the field! Weather was amazing, and like all winters in Cordoba there were no rains.

David and Blake Wampler had hunted with us for 4 days, but in the middle we have done an amazing horse riding for a complete day at Ongamira area. That same day they also were at Pablo Aguilo’s house for a meal with the famous photographer Marcos Furer, who had shown us the great last works he had been doing._MG_0003Srgb_color

Happy hunts. Sorry to all our friends, but this is a short report because we would like you to enjoy our friends testimonials.-

My best

Pablo Aguilo

Pointer Outfitters

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We just returned from a wonderful trip and the Pointer Wingshooting Team as always, handled every detail to perfect expectation. I have been hunting with Pablo over ten years and intend to continue every chance I get (or can make lol). 

We treasure the time together, the experience (Pablo handled everything including a few great days in Buenos Aires), the entire Pointer and Las Lomas team typify why I love Argentina, good friends all.

Volume shooting – fantastic and always perfectly organized. Bird count? Just how hard do you want to push – trip of a life’s dream – now I want to come back soon. Mrs Ramming tells me I have a return “kitchen pass” as soon as she and I return from Hawaii (?) – so – hope to see you before the end of the year. By the way Cuba very tempting lol. 

Best Regards,

Larry Ramming